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Council invests $500,000 to protect homes and businesses from flooding


The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is investing $500,000 to upgrade and improve stormwater infrastructure in order to reduce the risk flooding at Sixth Avenue and Stephen Terrace, St Peters. 

The funding is part of the Council’s overall $38.4 million investment to protect properties across the City from flooding. 

As part of its Flood Mitigation Assessment which was undertaken last year, the Council allocated funding to upgrade stormwater Infrastructure– particularly to prevent the damaging consequences of a one in 100-year rainfall event. 

As a result of the assessment, the Sixth Avenue and Stephen Terrace intersection was identified as high risk. 

Works will commence in mid-March and includes the installation of three double sided entry pits between Seventh Lane and Seventh Avenue, as well as four double side entry pits and junction box between Eighth Lane and Eighth Avenue together with kerb and water table replacement on both the northern and southern side of Stephen Terrace. 

“The City’s stormwater drainage network is one of many infrastructure assets which is provided and maintained by the Council for the community,” Mayor Robert Bria said. 

“The network removes surface water from roadways and provides appropriate levels of flood protection throughout the City. 

“The City-wide upgrades to the stormwater drainage network stems from a floodplain mapping project which identified locations which are at risk and considers a range of future scenarios that could influence this including infill development and the impacts of climate change.” 

“The Council would like to thank all residents and visitors to the City for their patience as this vital work is undertaken.” 

Work is expected to be completed in April. 

Media enquiries: Mayor Robert Bria on 0431 754 077