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Public electric vehicle charging stations


The Council has partnered with two electric vehicle charging companies, JOLT and Evie Networks to install public electric vehicle charging stations at various locations across the City.

The Council is leading the way to support the take up of electric vehicles, giving owners and potential purchasers of electric vehicles confidence in the availability and convenience of charging infrastructure.

Six publicly accessible fast charging stations will be installed from July 2022.

Electric vehicles (EVs) create less air and noise pollution, and when powered by renewable energy, eliminate climate altering greenhouse gases. With the rising cost of fuel, the Council is pleased to be supporting innovations which reduce the cost of transportation and benefit the environment.

Initially there will be six publicly accessible fast charging stations, located in carparks or on the road, installed from July this year. Some stations will be paired with an electronic billboard which will feature upcoming Council events and services. Motorists will be able to charge vehicles in as little as 10 minutes with enough range to travel a distance of about 50km.

All energy will be drawn from renewable sources. Increasing the availability of charging infrastructure is a key piece of the puzzle for widespread adoption of EVs and the Council is very excited to be partnering with JOLT and Evie Networks.

To find out more contact the Council's Urban Planning & Sustainability Manager Eleanor
Walters on 08 8366 4521 or email