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2023 Gather Round kicks economic goals for Norwood


Two AFL matches played at Norwood Oval as part of the inaugural Gather Round have proven to be an economic boom for the local economy with more than $2.2 million spent on dining and entertainment over the action-packed weekend in April this year.

Mayor of the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters Robert Bria said $876,594 was spent on dining and entertainment in Norwood on Friday, 14 April when Fremantle played Gold Coast.

“This figure represents the single largest daily expenditure on dining and entertainment based on Spendmapp data, since the Council starting collecting the data in July 2018,” Mayor Bria said.

Spendmapp takes into account all debit and credit card transactions, makes adjustments to account for all banks and applies a weighting to ensure cash and non-card payments are included to create a comprehensive representation of the economy.

“The Council knew that the Friday night match under lights would be very popular, and the time slot was ideal, giving fans time to get dinner or a drink after the game,” he said.

“The Hawthorn versus Greater Western Sydney match played on the Sunday afternoon provided a solid boost of $774,184, which was spent on dining and entertainment in Norwood."

Mayor Bria said the combined weekend expenditure in the dining and entertainment sector in Norwood across the Friday, Saturday and Sunday contributed $2.215 million which according to Spendmapp data, is estimated to be about $730,000 more than the average weekend spend.

“These numbers are incredible and shows that AFL football is very much welcomed on The Parade given the number of hotels, cafes and restaurants fans visited before and after the two matches.

“The Council believes these figures will increase if Norwood Oval hosts matches next year for the Gather Round,” he added.

Mayor Bria said Norwood Oval, which is owned by the Council benefitted from $700,000 of infrastructure improvements for Gather Round, which included new coaches’ boxes, a new media box and new kiosk under the ET Smith Stand.

“The Council recently resolved to formally advise the State Government, the AFL, SANFL and Norwood Football Club of its interest for Norwood Oval to host matches as part of next year’s Gather Round and has allocated $100,000 in the 2023-2024 Annual Business Plan and Budget for associated events and activities if it is successful.”

Mayor Bria has also written to Hawthorn Football Club Chief Executive Justin Reeves, following the Club’s interest in playing at Norwood Oval over the next three years.

“The Council has already conducted a review with the AFL and is working through a number of ideas and options to take the activations to another level.”

Bree Stoldt, Senior Operations Manager from The Colonist Tavern, which took part in the Gather Round activations this year, with special food and drink offers including free oysters described the event as the “best weekend”

“We were hosting so many different people from not only around the state but the country.”

“The atmosphere that was produced was something we haven’t seen for a long time on The Parade and we really hope The Parade gets the opportunity to host again next year,” she added.

Media enquiries: Robert Bria – 0431 754 077