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SALA launches in NPSP - as emerging and established artists welcome five new ongoing exhibition spaces at “The Gallery”


South Australian Living Artists (SALA) festivities have officially commenced in the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters as Mayor Robert Bria announces exciting news for both emerging and established artists.

For the first time, the Council has created a space, aptly titled The Gallery, which has five exhibition spaces inside the St Peters Town Hall Complex.

The initiative is to ensure that both emerging and established artists have every opportunity to showcase their work to the wider community, not just at particular events.

“Art comes in many forms and involves many emotions, and leaves lasting impressions,” Mayor Bria said.

“It is for that, and many other reasons that the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is thrilled to once again be a major participant in SALA,” he said.

“SALA showcases the creativity and breadth of artistic talent in Adelaide’s East. There really is something for everyone, from art aficionados to those just interested in having a bit of a look around and experiencing our City’s art culture.”

“However, as we all know, SALA only lasts a month. Conversely, The Gallery is a space for everybody to explore and connect with contemporary art and cultural heritage all year round.”

This year the Council is hosting 11 SALA artists to enable 5 exhibitions to take place in our City, across three venues.

Our curated exhibition program gives the community the opportunity to engage with contemporary art and cultural heritage artifacts, as well as showcasing emerging and established artists.

Media enquiries: Robert Bria – 0431 754 077