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Draft 2021-2026 Economic Development Strategy (FOR

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The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is seeking your comments on the Draft 2021-2026 Economic Development Strategy.

Comments must be received by 5.00pm, Monday 17 August 2020.

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The Draft Economic Development Strategy 2021–2026 includes the following vision for the City:

"A connected City with thriving businesses, vibrant precincts and an engaged business community."

Do you support this vision?

General Themes

Do you support the four key themes for the City?

Dynamic & Diverse City
Destination City
Innovative City
Business Friendly City

COVID-19 Recover and Rebuild Strategy

Strategy: Recover and rebuild the local economy following the impacts of COVID-19.

This strategy focuses on recovering and rebuilding the economy in year one of the Economic Development Strategy. This strategy applies across all four themes.

Do you agree or disagree with this strategy?

Specific Themes and Strategies

Each of the four Themes contains a set of strategies. The following questions relate to the specific strategies.

Theme 1: Dynamic & Diverse City

Strategy 1.1 – Focus on the support and growth of the City’s priority sectors:

• Food & Beverage Manufacturing
• Cultural & Creative
• Professional, Scientific & Technical Services
• Retail.

Strategy 1.2 – Support the education and health sectors as key contributors to community well-being.

Strategy 1.3 – Identify emerging trends and support opportunities for economic growth.

Strategy 1.4 – Promote opportunity and collaboration across the sectors.

Strategy 1.5 – Identify and promote local competitive advantages.

Do you support the proposed strategies outlined under Theme 1: Dynamic & Diverse City?

Theme 2: Destination City

Strategy 2.1 – Showcase and promote the City’s attractions and events to facilitate growth
In visitation and spending.

Strategy 2.2 – Support the City’s vibrant mainstreet precincts.

Strategy 2.3 – Facilitate the activation of key precincts in the City.

Strategy 2.4 – Work with local business operators to strengthen the viability of precincts and enhance the customer experience.

Do you support the proposed strategies outlined under Theme 2: Destination City?

Theme 3: Innovative City

Strategy 3.1 – Maximise new investment and growth opportunities.

Strategy 3.2 – Recognise businesses and business sectors that make a significant contribution to the City.

Strategy 3.3 – Facilitate communication, education and networking programs to support businesses.

Strategy 3.4 – Embrace new and emerging technologies that will enhance business productivity.

Strategy 3.5 – Encourage sustainable working methods in all aspects of business.

Do you support the proposed strategies outlined under Theme 3: Innovative City?

Theme 4: Business Friendly City

Strategy 4.1 – Ensure that Council processes are business friendly and contribute to a
well-functioning City.

Strategy 4.2 – Embed economic outcomes in decision-making across the organisation.

Strategy 4.3 – Establish an effective planning policy framework to encourage investment
and enable businesses to establish in the City.

Do you support the proposed strategies outlined under Theme 4: Business Friendly City?

Any other comments?