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Long-term Financial Plan 2021–2031 (FORM CLOSED)

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Key Aspects of the Plan

The draft Plan supports the Council’s strategic planning processes with the draft Plan outlining the Council’s approach to delivering infrastructure and services to the community in a financially sustainable and affordable manner over the next ten years.

The draft Plan is built on the Council’s financial goal of being ‘a City which delivers on our Strategic Outcomes by managing our financial resources in a sustainable and equitable manner’.

To achieve this, the Council is committed to achieving four financial outcomes:

1. A balanced budget
2. Rate stability
3. Infrastructure and asset management
4. Debt management.

More details on the Council’s Financial Goal and Outcomes are available on Page 10 of the 2021–2031 draft Long-term Financial Plan.

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Infrastructure and Asset Renewal Program

On average, the 2021¬2031 Plan has allocated $12.8 million per year for the renewal of the Council’s infrastructure and assets. This includes the renewal and/or replacement of the Council’s existing assets which include:

• Civil infrastructure (roads, footpaths and kerbing)
• Stormwater drainage infrastructure
• Parks and reserves
• Playgrounds
• Buildings.

Consultation on the draft Infrastructure and Asset Management Plans is being undertaken concurrently with the draft Long-term Financial Plan. The draft Infrastructure and Asset Management Plans are available on the Council’s website at:

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Rate Revenue

Rate Revenue is the major source of funding for the Council. The income collected through rates is used to pay for the provision of Council services such as waste collection, maintenance of the Council’s reserves, public libraries, city planning, community support and development programs, community events, public lighting and street sweeping.

The proposed rate revenue increase comprises:

• A Rate Revenue indexation factor (2.6%) to fund the cost increases in normal operations
• An indexation factor (0.5%) resulting from new assessments
• An indexation factor (1.5%) to account for the future renewal and servicing costs of major capital works.

The forecast Rate Revenue increase is in line with the Council’s target range of between 3% and 6%.

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Strategic Projects

The 2021–2031 Plan has been developed to ensure that the Council has the financial resources to deliver on its strategic objectives outlined in CityPlan 2030. CityPlan 2030 captures the community’s vision and aspirations for our City over the next 20 years and establishes broad directions which will shape our City’s future, with the overall aim of achieving Community Well-being.

The Plan includes expenditure of $66 million on a number of major projects and initiatives which are planned to be undertaken over the life of the Plan, with a view to contribute to the achievement of CityPlan 2030.

Details of the projects identified to be undertaken over this life of this Plan are outlined on pages 26–29 of the draft Plan.

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