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The Parade Masterplan

The Parade Masterplan, a focus on pedestrian safety and amenity.


Google Map of The Parade, Norwood

The Parade Masterplan forms the long-term strategic framework for the planning, redevelopment and activation of Adelaide's premier mainstreet, The Parade.

The implementation of The Parade Masterplan is currently proposed to be staged over a number of years commencing in 2024, with the upgrade to the section of George Street between The Parade and Webbe Street commencing in 2022.


The Masterplan, endorsed by the Council in December 2019, focuses on protecting the identity, appeal and sense of place of Adelaide’s premier mainstreet, and the significant economic, social and cultural elements that enhance the experience of people who choose to live, work and visit The Parade.

Project overview

The prioritisation on pedestrian safety, movement and amenity is one of the primary objectives which the Council is seeking to achieve through The Parade Masterplan.

This will be achieved through the delivery of:

  • pedestrian ‘scramble crossing’ at The Parade and George Street intersection
  • pedestrian crossing near the Norwood Oval
  • wider footpaths along the full length of The Parade
  • removal of on-street car parking between Edward and George Street
  • additional street trees and landscaping
  • new paving, street furniture and lighting
  • public art.

The Parade Masterplan Timeline

  • December 2019


    The Parade Masterplan endorsed by Council.

  • September 2021


    Consultant to be appointed to prepare detail design.

  • October 2021-2022


    Preparation of detailed design and construction drawings.

  • 2022


    Upgrade of George Street (between The Parade and Webbe Street).

  • 2024


    Construction commences on The Parade.

For further background information, visit: The Parade, Masterplan


Keke Michalos
Manager, Economic Development & Strategic Projects
T: 08 8366 4509