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Linear Park Bank Erosion Remediation Project

Linear Park Bank Erosion Remediation Project

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Category: Parks, playgrounds and reserves

Project management

Managed by: City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters

The Linear Park Bank Erosion Remediation Project involved on-site recovery of the eroded riverbank along the River Torrens near the corner Battams Road & Ninth Avenue, Royston Park.

This project was completed in June 2023. 

Watch video

Watch a timelapse video of works undertaken:

Video credit: UrbanVirons Group

Project background 

As the river flows through the metropolitan area, it is fed by stormwater runoff from the surrounding suburbs, as well as contaminants from urban areas, affecting the stability of river banks and obstructing flow.

Project detail

Works undertaken included:

  • debris and unstable soil removed
  • some vegetation removed to ensure bank stability and safety of workers and the community
  • installation of concrete pins and rock revetment wall (a landscaped rock wall that steps back into the eroded embankment area) that appeals to the natural surroundings and supports the riverbank through any future high water events

The shared use path remained open during remediation works. 

Site Address

Corner Battams Road & Ninth Avenue, Royston Park



Project Contact

Contact City Norwood Payneham & St Peters

Phone 08 8366 4555


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  • January - June 2023

    Construction works


  • June 2023

    Works complete