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Langman Grove Road Reconstruction Project

Langman Grove Road Reconstruction Project

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Category: Stormwater drainage network

Langman Grove is a Council owned and maintained road that stretches from Briar Road to Wicks Avenue in the suburb of Felixstow.

The project has benefited the community by:

  • providing safe and accessible road and footpath infrastructure
  • addressing and reducing the impacts of flooding
  • improving amenity and social aspects of the area.


The current condition of Langman Grove, Felixstow is poor due to extensive use by motorists as a back street leading off Payneham Road.

The Langman Grove Road Reconstruction Project is funded by the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters and Federal Government Roads to Recovery Program and Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program

Project detail

The reconstruction of Langman Grove, Felixstow has ensured the road is maintained to standards suitable for all users.

Works for this project included:

  • new stormwater infrastructure at the intersection of Wicks Road and Langman Grove
  • 200m of kerbing replacement along Langman Grove
  • full depth excavation to 500mm and reconstruction of the road in two rubble layers, then three asphalt layers to finished road level
  • construction of 16 new pram ramps along the section of Langman Grove
  • new line marking and medium strips.

The project was completed in September 2021.

Site Address

Langman Grove Felixstow, 5070



Key dates

Project completed

Project Contact

Contact Rico Palombella

Contact role Project Manager, Civil

Phone 08 8366 4555


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  • Concept plan endorsed by Council.

    April 2020


  • Detailed design and construction documentation developed.

    August 2020


  • Tender advertised.

    September 2020


  • Contractor appointed.

    January 2021


  • Construction works.

    September 2021


  • Project completion.

    November 2021