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Smart City Plan

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Project management

Managed by City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters

Smart City Plan consultant: Delos Delta

As a smart city, the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters will join global leaders such as London, Toronto and Tokyo in using infrastructure, innovation and technology to improve liveability in the City.

Smart cities collect and use data to improve day-to-day activities for citizens and visitors alike.

Examples of this include:

  • traffic management: monitoring the flow and speed of traffic and optimising the installation of traffic management infrastructure to reduce congestion and create a hassle-free commute, whilst providing safe residential living environment
  • free public Wi-Fi: providing free access to the internet along major shopping and business precincts to enhance connectivity and access to information
  • Smart parking: using smartphone apps so that drivers can easily find available parking spaces, and extend their parking times remotely
  • public e-charging stations: smart benches equipped with solar powered charging for devices including smartphones, laptops, and tablets and e-charging stations to charge electric vehicles.

Following Council endorsement in December 2020, the Smart City Plan was published in January 2021.

Project updates

To find out about completed Smart City projects and to keep-up-to date on our Smart City journey, visit:

Smart City Section

Site Address

City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters



Key dates

Smart City Plan published January 2021.


Project Contact

Contact Carlos Buzzetti

Contact role General Manager, Urban Planning & Environment

Phone 08 8366 4501


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  • Smart City Plan endorsed by Council

    July 2019


  • Consultants Delos Delta engaged to develop the Smart City Plan

    December 2019


  • Two in-person community engagement sessions and an online community and key stakeholders survey

    February 2020


  • Drafting of Smart City Plan

    March–August 2020


  • Community Consultation on Draft Smart City Plan

    October 2020


  • Council endorsement

    December 2020


  • Smart City Plan finalised and published

    January 2021


  • Roll out of Smart City initiatives and projects

    2022 -

    In progress