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St Peters Street Streetscape Upgrade

St Peters Street Streetscape Upgrade

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Category: Streets and footpaths

Project management

Managed by: City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters

Design: Landskap + Dryside Engineering

Contractor: Plot Works

The upgrade of St Peters Street, delivering a beautiful and safe street for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, and providing improved amenity and connection between the River Torrens Linear Park and other major focal points within the Precinct.

The project was jointly funded by the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters, the Australian Government and Green Adelaide.

The Australian Government contributed $1.27 million as part of its Local Government and Community Infrastructure Program. Green Adelaide contributed $200k as part of its Greener Neighbourhoods Program. The Council funded the remaining balance of the Project.

Watch Mayor Bria speak about the Upgrade:


The St Peters Street Streetscape Upgrade builds on previous upgrades to the St Peters Precinct, including Linde Reserve-Dunstone Grove, St Peters Town Hall Complex and Avenue of Honour from Payneham Road to Second Avenue.

Project details

The key features of the upgrade include:

  • improved amenity and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists

  • improved access and amenity of the open space adjacent to Eighth Avenue and the St Peters Billabong

  • new trees and landscaping

  • improved local storm water management

  • a revitalised central median and wider footpaths

  • improved connection to the River Torrens.

Site Address

St Peters Street, St Peters



Project Contact

Contact Michael Moshos

Contact role Project Officer, Civil

Phone 08 8366 4555


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  • Concept Plan endorsed by Council

    December 2019


  • Design consultants appointed

    February 2021


  • Detailed design

    September 2021


  • Construction tender

    October 2021


  • Construction works commence

    March 2022


  • Construction works complete

    April 2023