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Council’s endorsed draft Tree Strategy to focus on climate change, biodiversity and beautiful streets


The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters draft 2022-2027 Tree Strategy has been endorsed by the Council with the next step being community consultation in early 2022.

The draft Strategy is the Council’s blueprint to guide the management, forward planning, planting and maintenance of all trees within the City, with a particular focus on street trees.

The Strategy has set a target of planting 500 street trees in 2022 and also sets out the Council’s role in collaborating with various sectors of the community to influence the retention of trees and planting on private land.  Mayor Robert Bria said the three primary objectives of the Strategy were:

  • adapting to climate change and mitigating against urban heat;
  • ensuring species diversity to support sustainability and biodiversity; and
  • delivering clean, safe and beautiful streets and footpaths to enhance active lifestyles and community well-being.

There are approximately 20,000 street trees in the Council with 7,000 in parks and reserves and, including trees on private land, the City has 24 per cent tree canopy cover.

The Council has committed to increasing this coverage by 20 per cent by 2045 and will focus on suburbs with very low levels of coverage such as Glynde, Firle and Payneham South, compared to St Peters and College Park that have over 30 per cent coverage.

“The development of the draft 2022-2027 Tree Strategy recognises the leadership role which the Council can play in setting clear objectives and guidelines, both strategic and operational, for managing Council owned trees in the City,” he said.

“Trees are what makes Norwood, Payneham & St Peters one of the most desirable places to live.

“They are the of lungs of our community, bringing cooler temperatures in summer as well as providing beauty to our streets and habitat for birds and animals to sustain biodiversity.

“The Council recognises that with climate change taking on a more prominent role, trees will become an even more important asset to protect and manage.

“Through this Strategy, there is an opportunity to take a more strategic and long-term approach with our street tree planting program. Importantly, through this Strategy the Council plans to engage and involve the community in selecting and watering street trees in their local areas,” he said.

The draft Strategy will be available for community consultation in February next year.

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