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Home Based Business

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters has long recognised the significance of home-based businesses to its local economy.

Home business computerBenefits of home-based business

Home-based businesses can offer a range of unique benefits, including:

  • local employment and wealth creation
  • supporting existing businesses
  • contributing to passive surveillance of neighbourhoods
  • promoting the social benefits of being able to work and care for a dependent
  • unclogging our roads and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • supporting local retail and hospitality businesses.

Do I need Council approval

Council approval is not required for home-based businesses if they fully comply with the criteria of a ‘home activity’.

Definition of 'Home Activity'

home activity means a use of a site by a person resident on the site—

  1. that does not detrimentally affect the amenity of the locality or any part of the locality; and
  2. that does not require or involve any of the following:
    1. assistance by more than 1 person who is not a resident in the dwelling;
    2. use (whether temporarily or permanently) of a floor area exceeding 30 m2;
    3. the imposition on the services provided by a public utility organisation of any demand or load greater than that which is ordinarily imposed by other users of the services in the locality;
    4. the display of goods in a window or about the dwelling or its curtilage;
    5. the use of a vehicle exceeding 3 tonne tare in weight;

For more information, contact the Council’s Urban Planning & Environment Department on 08 8366 4530
or email