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Stepney is a suburb underpinned by a colourful history founded on its rich German culture.

Stepney’s modern-day landscape comprises of heritage and contemporary buildings comfortably intertwined with a range of new and multi-generational businesses.

In the 19th century, Stepney’s streets were lined with quaint slate roofed symmetrical cottages and villas, with landmark buildings such as the Maid and Magpie Hotel, which is a symbol of Stepney’s Germanic history and a reflection of how Stepney has evolved into a modern-day suburb comprising of a diverse mix of land uses, including business, employment and neighbourhood zones.

Stepney is a small and lively suburb on the City’s eastern fringe, with direct access to Adelaide’s CBD, making it one of Adelaide’s most highly sought-after suburbs today.

The Council’s Economic Development Strategy aims to attract and nourish business and industry growth in the area, while advocating for the retention of existing zoning to protect food and beverage institutions such as Rio Coffee, Quinzi’s Confectionary and Heidelberg Cakes, who have all called Stepney home for over 30 years. 


Food Secrets of Stepney

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