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Collections & Services

The Cultural Heritage Collection is held at the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters Cultural Heritage Centre.

Cultural Heritage - old booksCultural heritage services include history research, local family history, history of local houses, streets and buildings, conservation advice and referral service, civic collection, guided historical tours, interpretive signage program and cultural heritage events.

Our Cultural Heritage Advisor, Denise Schumann, is available by appointment at the Cultural Heritage Centre, Monday to Wednesday, 9.30am to 5pm, to assist you with expert advice and access to the collection.


Council minutesPhotographic collection
Rate assessmentsPaintings
Mayoral reportsCivic and domestic artifacts
Letter booksOral histories
Community archivesVideos
Biographical and subject filesFamily history resources
Local history reference collectionSands & McDougall directories.


Management and preservation of the Council's History CollectionProvision of information on local family history, houses, streets and public buildings
Professional site histories for corporations or businessesReferrals to heritage agencies
Outreach education programmes for school and community groupsOral history program
Development of historical exhibitions and displaysCoordination of interpretive signage program
Provision of guided historical walks and toursCoordination of heritage events and SA History Month

Specialist assistance

Historical researchFamily history documentation
Information servicesSeeking grants and sponsorship for cultural and historical projects
Tertiary, secondary and primary school projectsContacting local heritage groups