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Norwood Concert Hall

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Friday, 30th Aug 2024
Norwood Concert Hall

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House Of Jimbo & In The Dark Present

The Weirdest Show On Earth!

All Shows are 18+ | 75 Minute Length
Full Production Show With Intermission
Show Features Mature Content

Oh, wow! Oh my... god! Okay! Roll up, roll up and be prepared for a wicked night of clownery with JIMBO’S DRAG CIRCUS, a weird, wonderful and jumbo-sized production starring none other than the breasts of the west herself - All Stars 8 winner Jimbo!

No ifs, buts or doot aboot it - this is THE biggest Australian drag tour of 2024! Don’t miss Canada’s crowned clown as she brings her acclaimed circus tour to 11 cities in August, after delighting, shocking and titillating rapturous crowds across the US with her 57-city tour.

A performer like no other, JIMBO’S DRAG CIRCUS features her most iconic and outrageous characters as seen on Canada’s Drag Race, UK vs. The World and, of course, All Stars 8. Plus, there will be plenty of salacious-silly surprises, adults-only jokes and gravity-defying outfits, all in a huge production that brings the circus to some of Australia's most beloved venues.

Are you ready for a fantastic, freakish tightrope-act of oddities, glamour and the completely unpredictable? Turn on the juice and see what shakes loose when the currently reigning RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars winner shows us how she's charmed the world with her clownery.

Step right up and enter the wacky world of JIMBO’S DRAG CIRCUS - come one, come all. Prepare a night like none other, and bring in the clown!

A limited number of VIP packages will be available for sale in each city.

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