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Access & Inclusion Register

The Council is seeking expressions of interest for the NPSP Access & Inclusion Engagement Register.

Men wheel chair talkingAbout the register

The Council is committed to creating an accessible and inclusive City for all citizens. To ensure this is realised, the Council is seeking expressions of interest from people living with disability, their carers and family members, service providers and the broader community to be part of an Access and Inclusion Engagement Register.

The register, to comprise people of diverse age, culture, gender and abilities, will ensure that access and inclusion matters are considered in the development of the Council’s strategic projects, services programs and policies.

Your experience and knowledge will help the Council continue to improve its accessibility and inclusivity for everyone in the community.

Who can express their interest in the register

To be eligible, you must live, work or study in the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters and be:

  • aged 15 years or older
  • living with disability(s)
  • a Carer or a family member
  • a representative from a service provider who delivers services to citizens living with disability or older people, and/or
  • have an interest in Access & Inclusion issues.

Participation in the register - what’s involved

From time to time, the Council, as part of its development of new projects, services, programs and policies, will consult with the community to obtain comments on proposed projects, services, programs or policies.

Should you be listed on the register, you may be asked to comment on whether there are any potential access and inclusion issues. Examples of projects you may be asked to comment on may include the redevelopment of a reserve or facility such as a library.

As part of this register, you will be provided with information to read. The information may be accompanied by a questionnaire that you can complete online or in writing. You may alternatively wish to call the contact person for the consultation and discuss your views with them.

Your participation is voluntary.

Your comments are valued and will be considered in the review of the proposed projects, service program or policy.

Online expression of interest

If you would like to be submit an expression of interest to be listed on the Council’s Access and Inclusion Engagement Register, please click on the button below.

Start expression of interest form


Privacy and confidentiality

The Council is committed to protecting your privacy. The Council recognises that those who provide their personal and private details expect the Council to protect that information against loss, unauthorised access, use, modifications or disclosure and against all other misuse.

For the purpose of the Access and Inclusion Engagement Register it is acknowledged that there will be a requirement to collect some personal information from applicants. The information collected will include the following information:

  • name
  • address
  • telephone
  • email address
  • type of disability.

For the purpose of the Access and Inclusion Engagement Register, the information will be used to ensure applicants are eligible to be included on the register and to contact registrants for the purpose of consultation.

Term of membership for the register

The term of the membership is 12 months with the option of an annual renewal for a further 12 months.

Members of the register can ask to be taken off the register at any point in time either in writing or verbally by telephone.

The register’s membership will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Further information or assistance

If you need assistance completing the Expression of Interest online form, please contact Manager Community Services, Rosanna Busolin, on 08 8366 4600.

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