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Eastern Region Alliance (ERA) Water Project

ERA - providing alternative water sources for greener neighbourhoods

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The Eastern Region Alliance (ERA) is a group of eastern metropolitan councils – including the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters – that  work together for the benefit of their local communities and the eastern region community as a whole.

The Eastern Region Alliance (ERA) Waterproofing Project is a long-term regional initiative designed to provide an alternative water source to reserves, parks and playing ovals in Adelaide’s east.

The project harvests stormwater, cleans it through wetlands and biofilters and UV light treatment and then injects the cleaned stormwater into aquifers.

Having access to this harvested stormwater helps ensure greener neighbourhoods which provide improved amenity as well as liveability, health and environment benefits.

In our City, the treatment, storage and pumping sites are located at Felixstow Reserve, Drage Reserve and Marden Lower Portrush Road Reserve.

To find out more about ERA Water, visit the ERA Water website

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