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Stephen Terrace Flood Mitigation Upgrade

The Stephen Terrace Flood Mitigation Upgrade will reduce flooding during extreme rainfall events, and improve the capture and reuse of stormwater.

Google Map of Sixth Avenue and Stephen Terrace, St Peters


Cost: $500,000

Location: Sixth Avenue & Stephen Terrace Intersection, St Peters

The Stephen Terrace Flood Mitigation Upgrade forms part of a $38.4 million program to upgrade the City’s stormwater drainage network over the next 15 years.

The program will benefit the community by:

  • addressing and reducing the impacts of flooding
  • helping to protect residents, their homes and property
  • protecting the City’s assets such as footpaths, kerbing and street trees.


The City’s stormwater drainage network is one of many infrastructure assets which is provided and maintained by the Council for the community. The network removes surface water from roadways and provides appropriate levels of flood protection throughout the City.

The Sixth Avenue and Stephen Terrace Intersection was identified as a priority area in the Council’s City-wide Floodplain Mapping and Long Term Drainage Program.

Project detail

The Stephen Terrace Flood Mitigation Upgrade includes:

  • construction of a underground storage pit and pipe
  • construction of a capture system to collect road surface water
  • proposed water re-use system for Burchell Reserve which will include on-site stormwater detention, cleaning and reuse.

Stephen Terrace Flood Mitigation Upgrade Timeline

  • May 2020


    Design consultants appointed

  • July 2020


    Concept design

  • October 2020


    Concept Plan endorsed by Council

  • March 2021


    Detailed design

  • September 2021


    Construction tender

  • October 2021


    Contractor appointed and construction works commence

  • 20 May 2022


    Construction works complete

Project management

City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters


Hydrology Engineering – Dryside Engineering


Metro and Country Civil


City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters