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Parking Permits

The Council issues two types of parking permits - a resident's permit and a visitor's permit.

Steet parking cars on roadParking permits are issued for a period of 12 months (ie. 1 July - 30 June each year).

Permits which are issued at any point of time within the given 12 month cycle, will apply until the end of the cycle.

Please note: Parking permits are not issued to business owners/operators and employees of local businesses.

Check your eligibility

Residential and visitor parking permit eligibility criteria

To be eligible for a residential or visitor parking permit, you must:

  1. be a resident of the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters. If you are not the owner of the property, evidence is required in the form of a lease, sub-lease, or letter from the owner of the property
  2. not reside in a multi-dwelling development (i.e. with 3 or more dwellings, including single or multi-story developments) that is provided with off-street parking facilities
  3. not have provision for off-street parking, and the number of vehicles garaged at the property cannot be accommodated off-street. Consideration will not be given if the garage on the property is being utilised as storage
  4. have an applicable vehicle(s) which is not a truck, trailer, caravan, boat, bus, motorcycle, or scooter
  5. reside in a property adjacent to a time limit or residential permit zone. Properties with unrestricted parking adjacent to their property will not qualify for a parking permit
  6. produce evidence of ownership of the applicable vehicle(s) garaged at the property. If you utilise a company vehicle, confirmation in writing from the company will be required.

For more information on eligibility, download: On-Street Parking Policy

Permit fees

Resident only permit zone (as indicated by parking control signage)

Permit  Fee

Resident - first permit


Resident - second permit


Visitors - first permit


Visitors - second permit


Pensioners and full-time students

50% rebate

Replacement permit

$10 (set fee)

Each fee applied per annum.

Time limited zone (as indicated by parking control signage)

Permit  Fee
 Resident - first permit  Free
 Resident - second permit  $25
 Visitors - first permit  Free
 Visitors - second permit  $25
 Pensioners and full-time students  50% rebate
 Replacement permit  $10 (set fee)

Each fee applied per annum.

Apply for a parking permit

To apply for a permit, download and complete:

Apply for a Permit

Please note: This is a Fillable PDF form and can be completed electronically or in hard copy. 


Citizen Services Team