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Building Inspections and Notifications

Councils are responsible for inspection and enforcement of building work once it has commenced.

Buildre CarpenterThe Council’s Building Officers conduct random and scheduled building inspections on previously approved developments.

Random and scheduled building inspections are undertaken to ensure that the applicant has complied with their development authorisation, relevant approved construction practices, standards and codes, including any conditions of consent.

Building inspection

Inspections of building work must be undertaken in accordance with the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016

New inspection policies have been developed by the State Planning Commission to provide a consistent approach to compliance across the state. They are tailored to meet a range of council requirements.

For more information, visit: PlanSA - Building Inspections and Compliance

Mandatory notifications

Section 59 of Development Act 1993 and Regulation 74 of Development Regulations 2008 requires people to notify the Council at certain stages during building work.

The notification of stages of building work (as specified on the mandatory notification notice issued at the time of development approval) requires one business days' notice of:

  • commencement of building work on site
  • intended completion of structural steel reinforcement for the footings
  • completion of wall and roof framing forming part of the building work including a duly completed Regulation 74 supervisor’s checklist relating to the roof framing
  • completion of masonry (including support lintels)
  • completion of any fire walls, fire rated separation or smoke barriers
  • commencement of the installation of a designated building product* including a duly completed Notice B Regulation 74 prescribed supervisor’s checklist
  • completion of swimming pool and safety fence and barriers (before the pool is filled with water)
  • completion of building work.

 *Designated building product is a building product that consists of a metal panel or lining formed with aluminium, or similar thin metal sheet material, with any type of core.


Download: Regulation 74 Supervisor Checklist

Download: Notice B, Regulation 74 Prescribed Supervisors Checklist



After giving notice in relation to roof framing, accompanied with the relevant supervisor’s checklist, a person must not conceal the framing until expiration of two clear business days after the notification has been received by Council.

Notification does not apply to a Class 10 building under the Building Code of Australia, other than where the Class 10 building is attached to the roof structure of a building of another class; or the building is a transportable building.

Notification methods

As an alternative to the online form, notification of building work stages can be made to the Council by:

  • by delivering a written notification to an authorised officer at Council’s office.

Please include in your notification:

  • Development Application Number
  • site address
  • details of the stage for which the notification is being provided
  • contact name and number.