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Heritage Advisory Service

The Council offers a free Heritage Advisory Service.

This free service is offered to owners of:

  • state heritage places
  • local heritage places
  • buildings (whether specifically listed or not) within the Historic Area Overlay

The Council's Heritage Advisor is available for appointments one day a week and can provide advice on heritage related matters prior to lodging a development application.

The Heritage Advisor can provide you with design advice regarding buildings and other structures (such as fencing) that are heritage listed or located within a historic area overlay.

Appointments may also be attended by an Urban Planner to provide you with general planning advice in addition to heritage advice.

Arrange a meeting with the Council’s Heritage Advisor

Contact the Urban Planning & Environment Unit on 08 8366 4530

In the spotlightBaliol Street College Park December 2018-6

Grand design: Baliol Street, College Park

Our City contains many excellent intact examples of residential and commercial built heritage from the Victorian era and beyond.

However, as the City evolves and more contemporary developments feature on our urban landscape, it is important to ensure that each complements, and is complemented by, its surroundings.

Embracing cutting edge contemporary design while finding balance with historical context can present challenges.

Architects at Grieve Gillett Anderson worked closely with the Council to design this College Park home which they say, “Despite it’s historical context, this dwelling gives way to an edgy modernist building that responds to contemporary ease and practicality of busy family life”.

The development has been touted as a sensational design by David Brown, the Council’s Heritage Advisor, who also recognises its value in the streetscape.

Read the full Q&A with David Brown, Heritage Advisor: Grand design: Baliol Street, College Park