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Smart City Plan

The Smart City Plan sets the long term vision, direction and objectives for our future as a smart city.


Smart City Plan cover tileSmart cities make use of digital technology to improve collaboration, efficiency, sustainability and economic development.

Common smart city projects include the provision of free public Wi-Fi, performance monitoring of community assets and infrastructure, smart parking, street lighting, digital democracy platforms and mobile apps.

As a smart city, the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters will join global leaders such as London, Toronto and Tokyo in using infrastructure, innovation and technology to improve liveability in the City.

Smart City Plan

The Smart City Plan includes a framework for the Council to plan, design and accelerate the deployment of smart city technology for the benefit of the community.

The Plan also sets out a governance framework for the delivery of smart city technology and the platform to develop future business cases and partnerships.

Download: Smart City Plan (PDF)

View: Smart City Plan (Flipbook)


Background information

For information about the Smart City Plan Project planning stage and process, visit: Smart City Project