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Felixstow Reserve Basketball Court


Felixstow Reserve Basketball Courts AerialConsultation closed 5pm, Friday 3 June 2022.

The Council is seeking feedback on the Felixstow Reserve basketball court located near the corner of Riverside Drive and Langman Grove, and invites residents and property owners to have their say.

The basketball court is a popular feature of Felixstow Reserve and attracts people from the local area and beyond.

A number of issues have been raised by local residents regarding the use of the basketball court, including people playing after dark, noise and anti-social behaviour.

In order to assist the Council in it its decision making, we want to understand:

  • how it is currently used
  • what you like about it
  • what could be improved.

Background information about Felixstow Reserve and what the Council is doing to manage the basketball court is located further down the page.

Have your say!

To help the Council consider how to manage the basketball court into the future your feedback is invited.

You can have your say in the following ways:

Online feedback:

Online feedback form 

Focus group:

Join the focus group discussion to explore the use and future management of the basketball court at Felixstow Reserve. 

Date: Tuesday 31 May
Time: 6pm - 7:30pm
Venue: Payneham Library, 2 Turner Street, Felixstow 5070

Register your interest by 6pm on Wednesday 25 May. Successful participants will be advised by Friday 27 May and will receive a gift voucher.

Register your interest

Background information

What the Council is doing to manage the basketball court

The Council has been undertaking a number of initiatives to better understand how the basketball court is used and to manage the impacts on nearby residents including:

  • installing signs advising the rules of use (eg: hours of play 8am to 8pm, no private coaching and no loud music, foul language and yelling)
  • painting the rule of use of 8am to 8pm on the basketball court
  • installing CCTV to monitor court use out of hours
  • time activating the Pavilion lights adjacent the court to turn off at 9.30pm in summer and 8.30pm in winter
  • patrols by Council’s compliance officers
  • enclosing power points in a cabinet to prevent public use (eg: for plugging in “boom boxes”).

Information about Felixstow Reserve

Felixstow Reserve is an open space facility that provides a range of recreation opportunities including a nature play area, outdoor fitness equipment, shelters, picnic tables, BBQs and toilets, green open space, walking trails and a basketball court.

The Reserve also showcases some of the rich cultural history of the Kaurna people – the traditional owners of the Adelaide Plains on which the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is located, and has an extensive network of wetlands adjoining the River Torrens.

The Reserve’s upgrade was the result of the implementation of the Felixstow Reserve Masterplan and comprehensive consultation with the community.

Since the Reserve’s upgrade and opening in 2019 it has become a highly valued and popular place enjoyed by the local and broader community.


Jared Barnes
Project Manager, Urban Design & Special Projects
T: 08 8366 4506