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Our City has many on-road bike lanes and off-road paths for people riding a bicycle for travel or recreation.

\\svrfs\users\jadair cullen\Desktop\MP   Cycling PlanThe most popular and scenic cycling paths are situated along the River Torrens Linear Park. This 35-kilometre sealed cycling and walking trail follows the path of the River Torrens as it makes its way out of the hills at Athelstone, through the Adelaide CBD, to West Beach.

There are also a number of on-road bike lanes that provide an alternative safe method of travelling by bicycle throughout the City.

The Council has adopted a City-Wide Cycling Plan to guide the development of a network of improved and safer bicycle routes across the City and travel behaviour change initiatives that will encourage more people to ride a bicycle.

Trip planners and maps


Download a range of free maps to help you find main roads, bicycle lanes, local streets and off-road paths.

When you are out and about on your bicycle keep your eye out for the Bikedirect signs, which are colour coded according to routes shown on maps.

Visit: Cycling maps -

River Torrens Linear Park

Visit: River Torrens Linear Park Path

Cycle Instead Journey Planner

Cycle Instead Journey Planner generates cycling routes using Adelaide's Bikedirect network of main roads, bike lanes, local streets, off-road paths and some unsealed paths.

This interactive tool, available online and formatted to work on all smart phones allows you to choose a variety of options that take into consideration fitness and confidence levels, road conditions and speed of travel.

Visit: Cycle Instead Journey Planner

Bicycle repair stands

Bicycle repair stands are a public toolbox where you can fix a flat tyre and carry out other on-the-go repairs to your bike so you can be back on the road in no time!

There are currently two bicycle repair stands in the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters:


  • Linear Park – corner of Battams Road and Ninth Avenue, St Peters
  • Beulah Road Bicycle Boulevard – Corner of Beulah Road and Osmond Terrace, Norwood (to be installed October 2020)

Neuron Mobility shared e-bike hire

Neuron Mobility is a dockless electric bike (e-bike) share scheme operating in the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters (and City of Adelaide).

How to use Neuron shared e-bikes:

  1. Download: find and rent an electric bike using the Neuron app
  2. Unlock: Scan the QR code to unlock the e-bike
  3. Safety checks: Ensure brakes and headlights are working. Check the e-bike for any damage
  4. Start riding: Unlock and put on the helmet. Under South Australian road rules you must wear a helmet when riding the bike
  5. Park Responsibly: Follow local parking guidelines. Don’t park in a position that obstructs or causes danger
  6. End trip: Replace the helmet in the Helmet Lock. Snap a photo of the e-bike, and end your trip.

For pay per ride rates and three day, weekly and monthly pass rates, visit: Neuron: Rates & Passes

End your Neuron e-bike ride responsibly

Park Neuron e-bike in an upright position, on wide footpaths and out of the way of walkways and accessibility ramps.

Do not park in dangerous or inappropriate locations, for example:

  • within the pedestrian zone of a footpath (1.5 metres of the building line)
  • where they could pose a safety hazard
  • where they could interfere with pedestrian access generally or access to amenities.

No parking zones - The Parade, Norwood

The Parade, Norwood between Osmond Terrace and Portrush Road is a No Parking Zone, except at bicycle parking rails.

Neuron customer support and feedback

For support including feedback regarding shared e-bikes contact Neuron Customer Support Line: 08 7444 4676


Visit: Ride Neuron

Further information

Visit: Riding a power-assisted bicycle - SA.GOV.AU

Visit: Cyclist road rules and safety - SA.GOV.AU

Download: Cycling and the Law Handbook

Adelaide Free Bikes 

Adelaide Free Bikes is a bike hire scheme operating from locations in the Adelaide CBD. 

For more information, visit: Adelaide Free Bikes

Cycling road rules and safety

For information about cyclist road rules and safety:

Visit: Riding a power-assisted bicycle - SA.GOV.AU

Visit: Cyclist road rules and safety - SA.GOV.AU

Download: Cycling and the Law Handbook

Riding on footpaths

Cyclists of all ages are allowed to ride bicycles (including power assisted e-bikes) on footpaths. Footpaths provide a safe and sometimes more direct alternative for cyclists.

When riding on a footpath or shared path, a cyclist must:

  • keep to the left unless it is impracticable to do so
  • exercise due care and consideration for pedestrians and other users
  • give way to any pedestrian on the footpath or shared path
  • give a warning (by bell, horn or other means) to pedestrians or others using the footpath, if it is necessary to avert danger.

Please note: motorised wheeled recreational devices (such as e-scooters, electric skateboards, segways) cannot be ridden on a road, footpath or bike tracks.

For information about motorised wheeled recreational devices and where you can ride, visit: SA.GOV.AU

Weather forecasts

Before you head off on your journey, you might like to check out the Bureau of Meteorology website for local weather forecasts.


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