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Mayor’s Christmas Card Competition

The Mayor's Christmas Card Competition is open to children from Reception to Year 7 from all schools in the Council area.

The next Mayor’s Christmas Card Competition will be held in 2023, due to Local Government Elections Caretaker Conventions in 2022.

Each year, children are invited to draw or paint a Christmas scene that they feel captures the spirit of the festive season.

The entries are judged by Mayor Robert Bria and awarded first, second and third prizes from each year level, in addition to an Overall Winner.

The winning entry from each year group is printed on Christmas Cards with the student’s name, year and school printed on the inside of the card.

The Council organises Christmas cards for the Mayor, Chief Executive Officer and General Managers for distribution to other Councils, government agencies, schools, community groups and individuals who have a professional relationship with the Council.

In addition, the winning entry will appear on the cover of the December edition of Look East.

2021 Mayor’s Christmas Card Competition winners

Congratulations to all of the children who participated in the 13th Mayor’s Christmas Card Competition.

The winners from each year level and overall winner are as follows:

  • Pre-School: Victoria
  • Reception: Marco
  • Year 1: Dishani
  • Year 2: Mila
  • Year 3: Kalani
  • Year 4: Huan
  • Year 5: Sophie
  • Year 6: Rebeca
  • Year 7: Lilly
  • Overall Winner: Lilly

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2020 winning entries

The winners from each year level and overall winner are as follows:

  • Pre-School: Evie
  • Reception: Alexander
  • Year 1: Eadie
  • Year 2: Hadassah
  • Year 3: Maria
  • Year 4: Evangeline
  • Year 5: Jaynie
  • Year 6: Lilly
  • Year 7: Zoe
  • Overall Winner: Maria

View winning entries

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