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Solar Panels

Solar photovoltaic systems (solar panels) are an increasingly popular way for households and businesses to reduce electricity bills and contribute to a sustainable future through renewable energy.

Solar panels cloudsThis page provides links to useful information about selecting and installing solar panels, as well as details about any requirements for development approval.

For information about installing solar panels, visit: Solar photovoltaic systems and battery storage - SA.GOV.AU



Do I need development approval

The information below is intended as a general guide only. You are encouraged to contact the Council’s Urban Planning & Environment Department on 08 8366 4530 for further information.

Development approval is required for solar photovoltaic panels in the following circumstances, pursuant to the Development Regulations 2008:

1.      the panels are installed on a state heritage place

2.      the panels are installed on a local heritage place and able to be seen from a public street

3.      the solar panel system exceeds 100 kilograms in weight unless:

  • the weight is evenly distributed so that the weight does not exceed 100kg at any one fixing point
  • the panels are flush-mounted to the roof
  • the panels do not overhang the roof
  • the panels are installed by a person with an accreditation recognised by the Minister.
For more information, visit: Planning & Development

Information requirements

If you wish to lodge an application for solar panels, the following information is likely to be required:

  • completed development application form
  • signed Powerlines Clearance Declaration form
  • application fees
  • site plan showing boundaries of the site, north point, location of existing structures and the proposed location of the solar panels
  • elevations showing the height of the solar panels and the existing structure
  • plan showing overall dimensions and spacing of the solar panels.

If a building rules assessment is required you will need to supply:

  • approved specifications of the solar panel system
  • certificate of structural adequacy from a suitably qualified engineer for the structure on which the solar panels are proposed to be installed.