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Public Roads Register

Pursuant to Section 231 of the Local Government Act 1999, the Council maintains a register of all public roads located within the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters.

Magill Road November 2017All public roads in the City are vested in the Council’s ownership under the Real Property Act 1886. This includes the footpath and verge area alongside the public road carriageway. The Council is responsible for maintaining these roads for general public access.

Arterial roads within the City are under the care, control and management of the Commissioner of Highways pursuant to the Highways Act 1926 (SA) and are maintained by the Department for Infrastructure and Transport.

There are also a number of private roads and laneways throughout the City which remain in private ownership and are often subject to rights of way that provide access for adjoining properties.

For more information:

Download Register of Public Roads

Visit: Department for Infrastructure and Transport

For more information regarding private roads and laneways in the City, please contact the Council’s Manager, Governance, Legal & Property on 08 8366 4507.