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Economic Development Strategy 2021-2026

The Economic Development Strategy 2021-2026 is a five year Strategy developed by the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters to support the growth of the City’s business sectors, promote the City as a destination with dynamic and vibrant precincts, encourage innovation and investment, and make it easy to do business.

Economic Development Strategy: 2021 – Year 1 Review

The first annual review of the Council’s Economic Development Strategy.

Kent Town Economic Growth Strategy 2020–2025

The Kent Town Economic Growth Strategy 2020-2025 demonstrates the Council’s ongoing commitment to recognise and celebrate Kent Town as an innovative and creative neighbourhood in which to invest and do business.

Kent Town Public Realm Manual

The Kent Town Public Realm Manual is a design guide for Kent Town’s streets. It includes a palette of paving materials, furniture, trees and plants which are proposed to be used for future planning, design and capital works.

Kent Town Urban Design Framework

The Kent Town Urban Design Framework is a high-level strategic document describing the vision, themes, directions and implementation strategy for the ongoing evolution of Kent Town’s public realm.

Long-Term Financial Management Plan 2021–2031

The City's Long-Term Financial Plan provides financial projections for the Council's planned activities over a 10 year timeframe.

Long-Term Financial Management Plan 2021–2031 (Flipbook)

Long-Term Financial Management Plan 2021–2031 (PDF) 

Please note: Revised figures were adopted by the Council on 7 November 2022: 

Long-Term Financial Plan Revised Figures (PDF)

Norwood Parade Precinct Committee Annual Business Plan

The NPPC Annual Business Plan is developed to guide the marketing and promotion of The Parade. The strategies within the NPPC Annual Business Plan aim to increase awareness of and patronage to The Parade, Norwood Precinct.

Open Space Strategy

The Council's Open Space Strategy.

Playground Strategy

The Council's Playgrounds Strategy provides a long-term strategic direction for the future provision and management of playgrounds in the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters.

Smart City Plan

This Smart City Plan is one of the key mechanisms for unlocking greater organisational and community growth in a sustainable, connected and progressive manner. Supported by an engaged and active community, our City is in a strong position to make the most of current and future smart city opportunities.

Swimming Centres Long-term Strategy

This strategy contributes to the Council’s strategic objective of Community Well-being by providing convenient and accessible quality aquatic facilities and services, which will help build a strong healthy and resilient community.

Tree Strategy 2022–2027

The purpose of the Tree Strategy is to provide a comprehensive strategic and operational framework for the management of trees in the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters.

Tennis Facilities Strategy

The Tennis Facility Strategy aims to benefit tennis clubs, the community and the sport of tennis, as well as Council.

Youth Development Strategy

This strategy outlines how the Council will integrate positive outcomes for young people across everything it does.