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Draft Arts & Culture Plan

Consultation closed 5pm, Tuesday 19 September 2023.

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Have your say on the draft actions of the new three-year Arts & Culture Plan.

The benefits of arts and culture are well documented, from the celebration of creativity, sharing of cultural stories, as a mechanism for innovation, through to the vital role arts and creativity play in social, economic, cultural, health and wellbeing outcomes. 

This Plan is an expression of the Council's continual commitment to cultural development in our City.

Download: Arts & Culture Plan 2024-2027: Summary of Draft Actions

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Have Your Say

Have your say on the draft actions of the Arts & Culture Plan 2024-2027 and help the Council understand whether the Plan reflects the arts and cultural needs and priorities of our community.

You can have your say in the following ways:


Alternatively, you can download the survey or pick up a hard copy from Citizen Services at the Norwood Town Hall or our three libraries

Consultation closed Tuesday 19 September 2023

About the Plan 

Guiding principles

The Arts & Culture Plan will assist us to enact our shared concept of arts, culture and cultural vitality and shape and prioritise decisions and actions. It will be guided by the following principles:

  • believe everyone has the right to access cultural participation opportunities
  • will seek to engage people of all abilities and ages in creative experiences and support equitable access, active participation and contribution to cultural life.
  • foster innovation, imagination and creative expression across all areas of arts and culture to engage and challenge new and existing audiences
  • provide deliberate, diverse and high-quality program of events, activations and exhibitions.
  • recognise the essential role our community play in achieving our shared Cultural Vitality vision and will seek to understand, proactively engage with, and celebrate our local creative community
  • adopt best practice contemporary arts and culture governance and encourage innovation and excellence
  • ensure an equitable approach in supporting and partnering with arts and cultural practitioners and provide arts & cultural development opportunities, such as, funding programs, artist led initiatives and networking opportunities. 
  • recognise and respect the crucial place of First Nations people and through genuine partnerships we endeavour to bridge gaps and cultivate richer and more authentic Indigenous cultural experiences, shared stories and understanding.
  • will commit to actions that make the most meaningful contribution to our City’s cultural identity.
  • will seek to protect and conserve our local cultural heritage for posterity.
  • will seek to promote arts & cultural assets, locally made cultural products, and the diverse range of arts & Cultural participation and visitation opportunities within our City. 


The Arts & Culture Plan plots actions against the relevant Cultural Vitality Objectives and Strategies from the Council’s Strategic Management Plan CityPlan 2030: Shaping Our Future, providing a three-year road map of clearly defined arts and culture priorities and sequential actions.

An artistic, Creative, Cultural & Visually Interesting City

The following actions are relevant to CityPlan 2030, Objective 2.1: An Artistic, Creative, Cultural & Visually Interesting City.

2.1.1 Use the arts to enliven public spaces and create ‘a sense of place

  • develop a Public Art Masterplan - to assist us identify where public art thrives and where opportunities exist, refer to foundation project section below for more information.
  • utilise smart technology and digital tools to promote public art places
  • arts and culture exhibitions at St Peters Town Hall Complex (exhibition program commenced in April 2023. The 2024 exhibition season includes four open calls for contemporary artists to exhibit and three cultural heritage exhibitions)
  • create a program of interactive arts and culture activities to complement and activate The Gallery
  • curate Eastern Health Authority (EHA) Gallery Wall - where appropriate utilise the gallery wall to display community outcomes of the ‘program of interactive activities’ as above
  • support the growth of live music across our City
  • develop Creative Hoardings Guidelines
  • St Peters Fair market stalls for young emerging artists
  • create an exhibition style guide for The Gallery at St Peters, including font size, type and colours to support improved accessibility of arts and culture exhibitions
  • investigate curating an accessible exhibition
  • install stage extensions at either side of the Norwood Concert Hall Stage to cover the stairs and enable an access ramp to be temporarily installed to the stage
  • implement equitable application processes for community funding, artist commissions and exhibition program
  • review and update the Council’s Public Art Policy
  • review and update the Council’s Live Music Policy
  • review and update the Council’s Busking Policy and process - including expanding identified busking locations beyond The Parade, Norwood
  • develop a visual and sculptural art acquisition, lease and bequest policy and procedure for Council owned facilities
  • develop stobie pole art guidelines
  • explore creative wayfinding and signage options for Council owned buildings. 

2.1.3 Attract and support cultural and creative organisations, businesses and individuals

  • develop a Cultural Map of our City (inventory of cultural assets within our City, refer to foundation project section below for more information)
  • develop a digital marketing and promotion plan, refer to foundation project section below for more information
  • review and update the artist register on corporate website (ensure local First Nations artists and all artforms are represented)
  • investigate artists in residence program
  • collaborations and partnerships with artists, historians and arts and cultural practitioners (Where appropriate, convene topic specific focus groups with our arts & cultural community to inform and support project planning and implementation)
  • ensure Council provides fair remuneration to artists and cultural practitioners
  • seek opportunities to attract live music performances to the City
  • curate live music event(s) to fill gaps in live music experiences across our City 
  • encourage local music in businesses and at Council funded events
  • identify opportunities for artists to be commissioned to create original artwork for Council marketing campaigns and projects
  • facilitate and promote networking events for local creatives
  • identify and support participatory literary arts opportunities
  • identify opportunities to support and showcase emerging artforms (as part of the Public Art Masterplan, identify places of potential for digital, immersive and/or interactive artworks, including sound art)
  • provision of rehearsal spaces for hire to develop new theatre productions
  • identify opportunities for cross sector collaboration to respond to the challenges ahead of us (for instance, arts and the environment)
  • Council staff representation on and /or membership of arts and culture peak bodies and associations (ensure the Council is actively engaged in the creative eco system)
  • continue the Council’s OneMusic licence annual subscription. 

A Community Embracing and Celebrating its Social & Cultural Diversity

The following actions are relevant to CityPlan 2030, Objective 2.2: A community embracing and celebrating its social and cultural diversity.

2.2.1 Acknowledge and recognise local Aboriginal heritage and history

  • map sites of First Nations significance
  • collaborative cultural heritage programming in partnership with First Nations cultural workers and artists
  • showcase contemporary First Nations artists (as part of the Council’s annual arts and culture exhibition program to present First Nations culture as a continuous living culture)
  • heritage collections management: two-way caretaking of First Nations cultural material.

2.2.2 Facilitate opportunities for cultural expression, celebration and interaction between different cultural and demographic groups

  • review the Council’s community grants program (ensure program supports all artforms and that cultural celebrations are welcoming and open to all to attend)
  • build connections with established and emerging cultural organisations
  • investigate and devise solutions to enhance participation outcomes for multicultural arts
  • bring cultural activities to where they are needed most.

2.2.3 Promote understanding of and respect for our cultures and heritage

  • Heritage Collection Digitisation Project, refer to foundation project section below for more information
  • City-wide annual program of Cultural Heritage initiatives and activations
  • research and develop a First Nations register on our website (in partnership with and approval from Elders, explore viability and appropriateness to develop a First Nations register on our website that includes biographies, contact details and specialised cultural services our local First Nations community provide).

A City Which Values and promotes its Rich Cultural and Built Heritage

The following actions are relevant to CityPlan 2030, Objective 2.3: A City which values and promotes its rich cultural and built heritage.

2.3.2 Reflect our City’s history through cultural heritage programs and initiatives


  • develop an annual program of cultural heritage initiatives (based on top 5 topics identified during community consultation, Art, Music and Literature; Local Stories (past and present written & oral histories); Natural Environment; Aboriginal and First Nations culture & stories; Local Landmarks and Buildings)
  • review and update local heritage interpretive signage across our City (to catch the eye and imagination, encourage visitors and interest in cultural heritage. Explore options to link physical signs to online information, GIS and/or smart city applications to create an interactive and engaging experience).

Dynamic Community Life in Public Spaces & Precincts

The following actions are relevant to CityPlan 2030 Objective 2.5: Dynamic community life in public spaces & precincts

2.5.3 Host and facilitate community events and activities 


  • conduct an annual review of the Council’s events program
  • annual program of cultural activations and events in areas with limited cultural participation opportunities
  • support our community to deliver and participate within open access festival events, including Adelaide Fringe Festival, Good Music Month and South Australian Living Artist Festival (SALA)
  • support local artists to deliver activations, workshops and events
  • continue engaging artists to deliver workshops within our libraries and community facilities
  • fund artist led initiatives, across all artforms, through the Council’s community funding program
  • create employment and/or training opportunities for Artists to co-deliver Council coordinated events and activities
  • explore being part of Play Streets (neighbourhood led temporary road closures for play activities)
  • Council staff creative think tank (quarterly sessions bringing together staff from across the organisation to support cross business unit brainstorming to generate mid to long term collaborative ideas for events, programs, exhibitions and creative initiatives across our City).

Foundation projects

The following projects are multi-year foundation projects that will guide future decisions and the development of related sub-projects and actions of the arts and culture plan.

Public Art Masterplan

Stage 1:


Map current public art locations (council and privately funded) to identify where creativity thrives and where opportunities exist. Map sites of Indigenous significance to guide locations for First Nations artworks & storytelling.

Stage 2:


Develop place assessment criteria/tool to aid the selection of places of potential.

Stage 3:


Precinct specific analysis and prioritise places of potential especially suitable for public art.

Stage 4:


Create Public Art GIS map for public viewing. Details of each potential location (typology/ scope/ opportunities/ artwork objectives/ rationale). Group potential artwork locations into price brackets that can be prioritised to suit available budget and external funding opportunities.  Create Public Art Masterplan document.

Stage 5:


Community feedback on draft masterplan.

Stage 6:

Final plan

Develop final masterplan and Council endorsement.

Stage 7:


Promote masterplan and community led public art location opportunities.

Stage 8:


Apply for external funding opportunities (as necessary).

Heritage Collection Digitisation Project

Create a searchable online catalogue to improve community access to the Council’s heritage collection via personal or public devices.

Stage 1:


Digital management best practice, platforms and case studies. Identify interoperability opportunities.

Stage 2:


Prioritise collection for digitisation based on community requests and enquiries.

Stage 3:


Confirm Software Systems.

Stage 4:


Apply for grant funding.

Stage 5:


Commence digitisation of collection.

Stage 6:


Promote available online resources to our community.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Develop a digital marketing plan that includes effective digital communication and promotion of local arts & cultural assets to enhance our identity as an artistic, creative, cultural & visually interesting City and attract creatives to our City.

Stage 1:


Capture how other LGA’s are utilising their digital media and identify strengths and weaknesses. Clarify what each digital platform could communicate.

Stage 2:


Create a consultation survey for internal and external stakeholders as to content they would want communicated on our digital media platforms.

Stage 3:


Identify the objectives of all digital platforms and what will be deemed as success.

Stage 4:


Create a Digital Marketing Plan. Within this will be a three-year plan with reports after each year on the direction taken and the results of engagement. An Internal Style Guide will be created.

Stage 5:


After the three years of the Plan a report will be presented to Council with a review of the objectives.

Cultural Map of our City

Inventory of cultural assets within our City, including theatres, galleries, studios, live music venues, museums, local heritage places, public art locations and locations of regular events (e.g. markets, Jazz in the Park). 

Stage 1:  


Expand upon cultural mapping activities of the proposed People, Place and Activity Strategy, identify and map local arts & cultural assets (eg. theatres, galleries, studios, live music venues, museums, local

heritage places etc), public art locations (NPSP & privately funded) and locations of regular events and activations (eg. markets, Art on Parade, Jazz in the Park).

Stage 2:  


Create and promote an online publicly accessible cultural map (eg. GIS).

Stage 3:


Use map to identify where creativity thrives or an activation opportunity exists. Includes integration with the public art map and masterplan.

Stage 4:    


Develop activation initiatives for locations where arts & culture are needed most across our City. Including locations suitable for community funded activities to encourage various forms of cultural engagement.

Identify and promote a network of existing creative spaces, halls, rehearsal and performance spaces for sharing arts and culture. Where appropriate, advocate for creative use of bookable or vacant spaces.

Art & Culture Plan timeline


Art & Culture Plan Timeline

  • Review community engagement feedback


    June 2023

  • Prepare draft Plan


    July 2023

  • Council review draft Plan


    August 2023

  • Public consultation on draft Plan

    Yet to be started

    29 August 2023

  • Review feedback and edit Plan

    Yet to be started

    September 2023

  • Council endorsement of Plan

    Yet to be started

    October 2023

  • Arts & Culture Plan final document

    Yet to be started

    November / December 2023


Emma Comley
Arts Officer
T: 08 8366 4515