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Smoke-free Areas

The Council has a key role in promoting positive public health outcomes and striving for community well-being.

Smoke-free areas in the Council

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters recognises the need to protect the health of the community and to increase the comfort and enjoyment of people using public spaces. This is supported through the introduction of smoke-free areas within the Council area.

Smoke-free areas in our City:

  • Council-owned reserves and parks, including the Norwood Oval and Payneham Oval
  • Norwood Swimming Centre and Payneham Memorial Swimming Centre
  • Council events, including Council organised events and those supported by the Council through a partnership, sponsorship or similar arrangement, within the defined boundary of the event.
  • The Parade, Norwood (between the eastern side of Osmond Terrace and western side of Portrush Road).

Smoke-free areas on The Parade, Norwood

Designated smoke-free areas

Smoking is restricted on The Parade (between the eastern side of Osmond Terrace and western side of Portrush Road) in the following areas:

  • footpaths and public spaces
  • road reserves
  • private pedestrian laneway located to the western side of the Norwood Town Hall building.

Please note adjoining side streets off The Parade are not designated smoke-free areas.

The Parade: Smoke-free areas map

Designated Smoke Free Area graphic map

Smoke-free signs and bins

Signage has been installed on The Parade, at entry points and in prominent positions, to show the area where smoking is prohibited.

A number of butt bins are located on adjoining streets to The Parade, to allow for the responsible disposal of cigarette butts.


The Council does not intend to issue fines under the Act; instead it has opted to take an educational approach to this initiative.

Signage is displayed on The Parade to show the area where smoking is prohibited.


In early 2018, the Council lodged an application with the Minister for Mental Health and Substance Abuse to permanently designate the section of The Parade between the eastern side of Osmond Terrace and western side of Portrush Road as a smoke-free area under Section 52 of the Tobacco Products Regulation Act 1997.

This application was successful with the Minister granting approval to prohibit smoking on this section of The Parade as of Saturday 1 December 2018.


For more information about the restrictions, please contact the Economic Development & Strategic Projects Unit of the Council on 08 8366 4555.

Smoking rules and regulations in South Australia

Throughout South Australia smoking is banned within 10 meters of children’s playground equipment located in a public area.

Smoking is also banned in public outdoor dining areas at any time that food is being offered. An outdoor dining area means an unenclosed public area in which tables and/or chairs are provided for the purpose of dining either permanently or temporarily.

In addition, a Council can apply to the Minister for Mental Health & Substance Abuse (the Minister) at any time to have a particular area or event declared smoke free.

For more information about smoking rules and regulations, visit: SA Health

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