Capital Works

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters places an emphasis on ensuring that its civil and drainage infrastructure is of a high quality and standard.

Download: 2018-19 Capital Works Summary

The Council invests significant funds each year to ensure that the quality and standard of its infrastructure, including roads, footpaths, kerbs, buildings and recreation and open space assets, is maintained and meets community expectations.

The Civil Infrastructure Capital Works Program involves upgrades and improvements to the City’s streets, with works including reseals, footpath paving and kerbing.

At a glanceCivil Works Footpaths

The Council’s 2018-2019 Capital Works Program budget of $8,787,220 incorporates:

  • Civil infrastructure $3,103,720
  • Drainage infrastructure $4,100,000*
  • Buildings infrastructure $951,500
  • Recreation and open space $632,000

*A funding contribution of $1.75 million is being sought to offset costs for drainage infrastructure.

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