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Street & Footpath Cleaning

Our Street and Footpath Cleaning Program is designed to effectively manage the tidying of tree-lined streets in a coordinated manner.

The Council provides a number of street cleaning programs throughout the year in an effort to keep our streets tidy and prevent waste from entering the storm water network.

The frequency of cleaning cycles is determined by seasonal and weather related factors.


Interesting factsStreet leaves

  • street sweeping vehicles average a sweeping speed of 4km per hour
  • 186km of roads are swept every 28 days
  • 2,972km of footpaths are cleaned every year
  • average of 2,000 tonnes of waste is collected each year through street and footpath cleaning programs
  • much of the debris collected is recycled into high-quality compost.

Program at a glance






Swept and blown 4 weekly in January, February, April, May, June, July, October and December

Roads swept 4 weekly in March, August, September and November

The following suburbs have a second sweep and blow cycle during May, June and July:

Norwood, Kent Town, Hackney, College Park, St Peters. Stepney, Maylands, Evandale, Joslin, Royston Park

Main roads

4 weekly

Main road footpaths

8 weekly

Car parks


Traffic management devices


Program components

Residential Roads

The majority of local roads are swept once every four weeks. This cycle maintains the ideal balance between the removal of accumulated leaf and road litter, aesthetics and cost of delivery.  

Main roads and footpaths

Due to the high traffic volume along main arterial roads within the Council area, the roads in the table below are swept all year round on a four weekly cycle.

Footpaths along these roads are swept all year round on an eight weekly cycle.

Road name

Area covered

Dequetteville Terrace

North Terrace to Hackney Road

Fullarton Road

Magill Road to Kensington Road

Flinders Street

Fullarton Road to Dequetteville Terrace

Glynburn Road

Payneham Road to Magill Road

Hackney Road

North Terrace to Richmond Street

Kensington Road

Fullarton Road to Portrush Road

Lower North East Road

Glynburn Road to Wicks Avenue

Lower Portrush Road

Payneham Road to Glenbrook Close

Magill Road

Payneham Road to Glynburn Road

Nelson Street

Payneham Road to Magill Road

North Terrace

Fullarton Road to Dequetteville Terrace

OG Road

Payneham Road to Pitt Street

Portrush Road

Payneham Road to Rothbury Avenue

Rundle Street

Fullarton Road to Rundle Street

Stephen Terrace

Payneham Road to Tenth Avenue

The Parade

Fullarton Road to Shipsters Road

The Parade West

Fullarton Road to Rundle Street

Payneham Road

Magill Road to Glynburn Road

Car parks

Council-owned car parks are swept every three months, to remove any build-up of leaf litter and other materials.

Traffic management devices

Traffic management devices, such as roundabouts and traffic islands, are swept once a year at the end of autumn, to ensure any build-up of material is removed from this important infrastructure.

What you can do

To assist in ensuring the program remains on schedule, please: