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Council Owned Trees - Street and Reserve

The Council is committed to enhancing environmental sustainability and green cover throughout the City.

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Did you know...

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters:

  • manages approximately 23,000 street trees and 7,000 reserve trees
  • has a target (CityPlan:2030) of planting at least 500 new trees per year in streets and other public spaces - with the goal to increase green cover by 20 percent by 2045.

Council owned trees - topics and services

Tree maintenance

We operate a year round tree maintenance program to ensure all our street trees are maintained to the highest possible standard. 

The Council's tree maintenance program includes: 

  • inspection and monitoring of trees by a qualified arborist to assess tree condition and identify faults, dead trees or fallen branches 
  • pruning by a qualified arborist as part of an ongoing schedule or as required
  • recording and cataloguing of Council trees across the City
  • replacing and planting trees.

New trees are watered for the first two to three years during hotter months and dry periods to help them establish a healthy deep-root system.

Please note: the public are not permitted to prune street trees on public property.

How you can help

We encourage residents to support the Council’s watering program by providing street trees with a bucket or two of additional water during hotter months and drier periods. 

Keeping grass and other plants away from the planting hole will also assists the tree to retain water.

Tree selection and planting

Tree selection

To ensure our street trees continue to thrive and not just survive in a changing climate, arborists from Resilient East member councils, including the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters, have developed the Street Tree Species Guideline. 

The Guideline assists in choosing a diversity of tree species suitable to our changing climate. It lists over 100 species and considers attributes like, useful life expectancy, watering needs, and resilience to drought, pests and severe weather events. Council arborists then use their local knowledge to assess attributes to select a suitable tree.

The Guideline is used in conjunction with other resources, including

Download Street Tree Species Guideline

For further information regarding Council tree species selection, contact the Council Depot on 08 8360 9001.


Our annual street tree planting program sees us planting trees on streets, parks and reserves across the City.

Tree planting occurs between April and October each year which is the best time to avoid heat stress.

Goal to increase green cover by 20 percent by 2045

As part of the Council’s CityPlan 2030: Shaping Our Future we have a target of planting at least 500 new trees per year in streets and other public spaces - with the goal to increase green cover by 20 percent by 2045.

This target aligns with the 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide (2017 update) requiring an increase of 8 percent green cover in the City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters by 2030.

Request a street tree

Street tree requests are assessed on an individual basis and all planting is subject to: 

  • space
  • underground infrastructure such as stormwater pipes
  • suitability of location
  • budget. 

To request a street tree, contact the Council on 08 8366 4555 or email

Request a tree pruning

Any request for a pruning of a Council tree takes the following into consideration:

  • tree species
  • structure and size
  • overall health and condition
  • proximity to infrastructure and dwellings

There are some common reasons why the Council will not prune a tree, including:

  • unsubstantiated fear of large tree(s)
  • pruning healthy trees to improve access to solar energy or for aesthetic purposes
  • reducing the amount of bark, fruit, sticks, animal droppings falling on gardens, cars or dwellings.

To request a tree pruning, contact the Council on 08 8366 4555 or email

Report a tree

If you are concerned about the health or safety of a council tree in your neighbourhood or local park, contact the Council on 08 8366 4555 or email

For pruning of trees through powerlines contact SA Power Networks on 131 261

Pruning of trees through power lines

Even if trees in public areas are owned by Council, SA Power Networks (SAPN) is required by legislation to inspect and clear vegetation from around some powerlines. 

It is the responsibility of SAPN to implement regular cyclic pruning by appropriate skilled and qualified personnel in a timely manner of no more than every three years.

For pruning of trees through power lines contact SA Power Networks on 131 261

Street and footpath cleaning

Our Street and Footpath Cleaning Program is designed to effectively manage the tidying of tree-lined streets in a coordinated manner.

The Council provides a number of street cleaning programs throughout the year in an effort to keep our streets tidy and prevent waste from entering the storm water network.

The frequency of cleaning cycles is determined by seasonal and weather related factors.

For more information, visit: Street & Footpath Cleaning

Cool facts about trees

  • temperatures under the shade of a tree can be 10-25 degrees less than in the full sun
  • the shade of a tree can reduce your home cooling costs by more than 10 percent
  • leafy streets, backyards and gardens can increase property values
  • trees provide homes and refuge for native animals and birds.


For more information call Citizen Services on 08 8366 4555 or email: