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A petition is one way citizens can advise the Council of their concerns and participate in the decision-making process.

Pen and paperPetitions allow the community to bring matters of concern to the attention of the Council. The Council can be petitioned for any matter that comes under its jurisdiction (including, eg, in relation to public services, facilities and programs).

What is a petition

A petition is a formal document containing the names, signatures and addresses of a group of people who have a common cause to bring to the Council.

Any person may organise a petition and request that it be formally received by the Council and be presented at a Council meeting.

Preparing a petition

In accordance with the Local Government (Procedures at Meetings) Regulations 2013, a petition to the Council must:

  • be legibly written, typed or printed
  • clearly set out the request or submission of the petitioners
  • include the name, address and signature of each person who signed or endorsed the
  • petition
  • be addressed to the council and delivered to the principal office of the council.

To assist, a template is provided.

 Download petitions template

You will be required to provide contact details for the convener of the petition.

Lodging a petition

Once the petition is complete, it can be delivered to the Council by:

  • Post: PO Box 204, Kent Town SA 5071
  • In person: Norwood Town Hall, 175 The Parade Norwood
  • By email:

Receipt of a petition by the Council

Once received, the petition will be placed on the public agenda for the next available Council meeting. Where the petition relates to an issue that is being considered by the Council at a special meeting, the petition will be placed on the agenda for that special meeting.

The convener of the petition will be advised of the date and time of the Council meeting at which the petition will be considered.


There is no specific provision for the lodging of petitions under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016.

Petitions received in respect to active Development Applications will be referred to the Council Assessment Panel (CAP) for consideration.

Notification of the outcome

After the petition has been considered, the Council will write to the convener of the petition to advise of the Council’s decision.