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Kester Moorhouse

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Cr Kester MoorhouseKester Moorhouse

I live in College Park, I was elected to the Council in 2018 and I am finding that helping residents is very rewarding. I sit on the Cultural Heritage Committee, the Norwood Parade Precinct Committee and the St Peters Child Care Committee. I lead an active lifestyle - I play Indoor soccer in Stepney, tennis with friends at Joslin Reserve and jog along the Torrens Linear Path. I am an avid gardener and a board games nerd. I also volunteer with the Friends of the Billabong, who do a terrific job maintaining a serene pocket of nature just a stone’s throw from the CBD.

As I see it, the purpose of Local Government should be to improve people’s lives and to do so in a way that maintains environmental and financial sustainability. By supporting social infrastructure, such as libraries, athletic fields and public parks we can promote community involvement in things like book groups, sports clubs and community gardens. As such, Council infrastructure helps foster a sense of community, something very much needed in this day and age. 

However, good social infrastructure needs good planning and unfortunately, our State Government is in the process of drastically cutting planning restrictions and eliminating protections for Contributory Items. Such a do-as-you-please approach to development means open space gets lost, heritage is undermined and community facilities are left homeless. Make no mistake, our character suburbs are in danger. Now more than ever, community action is needed, as that is our best hope to save our heritage.


Cr Kester Moorhouse
M:  0402 655 101