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Long-Term Financial Plan

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters Long-Term Financial Plan sets out the financial projections for the Council's planned activities over a ten year timeframe.

Long Term Financial Plan 2021 2031 1The Local Government Act 1999, requires councils to prepare a Long-Term Financial Plan covering a period of at least 10 years.

The Long-Term Financial Plan is a key document in the Council's Strategic Planning Framework. It is the primary financial management tool which links the Council's Strategic Plan, CityPlan 2030, Whole of Life Asset Management Plans and the Annual Business Plan and Budget

The financial projections contained within the Plan provide an indication of the Council’s direction and financial capacity rather than predicting the future financial performance and position of the Council. The Plan should be viewed as a guide to future actions or opportunities which encourages the Council to think about the future impact of decisions made today on the Council’s long-term financial sustainability.

View: Long-Term Financial Management Plan 2021–2031 (Flipbook)

Download: Long-Term Financial Management Plan 2021–2031 (PDF)

Please note: Revised figures were adopted by the Council on 7 November 2022. Download: Long-Term Financial Plan Revised Figures