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Precinct Occupancy Reports

Insights from precinct occupancy statistics can help you determine if a particular precinct is right for your business, as well as where to locate within a precinct.

Parade streetscape with CaromaPublished annually, the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters’ Precinct Occupancy Reports provide reliable occupancy and expenditure data for the City’s key precincts.

Included in the statistics are the trends in occupancy, vacancy and turnover rates as well as a breakdown of expenditure activity by industry.

Business owners can use this information to assess the tenancy mix of each precinct and how it relates to the target market within each area. 

For further insights into the City's economy read the Council's Labour Force Reports, produced quarterly to provide up-to-date information on trends in industry sector employment.  

Occupancy Reports

Activity Precincts

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Activity Precincts Occupancy Report Cover 2

Parade Precinct

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Norwood Parade Precinct Occupancy Report thumb

Magill Road Precinct

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How the Council uses occupancy data

It is through the collection of occupancy data that the Council can measure and monitor the performance of its key activity precincts and identify trends and opportunities.

The Council uses occupancy insights to:

  • identify emerging trends and growth opportunities
  • formulate strategies and initiatives that increase visitation and investment
  • develop programs to support businesses evolve and grow
  • inform future developments such as streetscape and amenity upgrades. 


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