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Raising the Bar Adelaide

Raising the Bar is a global initiative making education and innovation a part of our City’s popular culture.

Raising the Bar Adelaide – Tuesday 12 October 2021

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For one night only, our City is transformed into a campus where top academics, industry experts and thought leaders gather in some of the best local bars and pubs for one-of-a-kind, knowledge-driven events.

The Council area is the only destination in South Australia to deliver this unique event. From its beginnings in 2018, Raising the Bar has continued to grow in popularity and will be returning again this year with 20 intriguing speakers in 10 venues on Tuesday 12 October 2021. The first round of talks will be held at 6:30pm and the second at 8:30pm.

Our goal is to raise the bar on the information you consume in your everyday life by providing access to cutting edge content in an intimate environment for discussion.

We aim to challenge you, inspire you and leave you hungry for more.

Live recordings

Speakers Title
Luke Broomhall Murder, Violence and Psychopathy in South Australia: Live recording
Matt Heavyside & Jess Trengrove Movement is medicine - why wait til we're broken: Live recording
Frances Nelson To parole or not to parole: Live recording 
Matthew Iasiello Why a focus on mental wellbeing makes all the difference: Live recording
James Muecke Building resilience - a personal and global journey (live recording not available)
Hannah Wardill Chemotherapy with a side of poo thanks!: Live recording
Rick Sarre Your right to know: Live recording
Marianna Sigala Tourism and the next normal: can we ‘Build Back Better’?: Live recording 
Jason Lee Dj-ing through the decades: Live recording 
Evangeline Mantzioris When food plays mind games: Live recording

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