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Event Details

The Norwood Christmas Pageant has become one of the City's most loved events.

The Norwood Christmas Pageant lights up The Parade, with colourful floats, music, entertainment, including live bands, clowns, stilt walkers, puppeteers, dancers, fairies and more.

Crowds are expected to line the streets from first thing in the morning and kids are encouraged to bring their chalk and decorate the street with Christmas drawings.

Pageant route

The Pageant starts at Woods Street, Norwood and travel east along The Parade to Queen Street.

Floats line up on The Parade (between Fullarton Road and Woods Street).

Route map

Pageant 2019 Route Map Image

 Download: Pageant Route Map

Temporary road closures        

Temporary road closures are in place on the day of the Norwood Christmas Pageant.

The Council would like to thank local businesses, residents and visitors to the Parade in advance for their cooperation on the day of the event.

To reduce the number of road closures associated with this event and to minimise the disruption to traffic on major roads and the surrounding side streets, floats will line-up on The Parade, between Fullarton Road and Woods Street.

Road closure times

The following road closures are in place on the event day from 7.30am to 12.30pm:

  • The Parade - Fullarton Road to Portrush Road
  • Beulah Road - Portrush Road to George Street
  • Queen Street - Magill Road to The Parade
  • George Street - Webbe Street to The Parade
  • Edward Street - Webbe Street to The Parade.

Information for local businesses

Please ensure your suppliers, customers and employees are aware of the temporary road closures and the times during which they will be in place.

Information for residents

Please be aware of the temporary road closures listed above and the times during which they will be in place.

Bus services and heavy vehicles

Eastbound services and heavy vehicles will be diverted via Fullarton Road, Magill Road, Portrush Road and then onto The Parade as per normal.

Westbound services will be diverted in the reversal of eastbound services.

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