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Working in Local Government

'Meaningful, connected and inspiring' is how people describe working in Local Government.

Staff Matt Cole thumbLocal Government hosts a vast range of job roles from administration, financial, horticulture, community services and pool attendants, just to name a few; with all the roles providing a valuable service to the community.

Working in Local Government will connects you with over 40 diverse occupations where you can network and develop or change your career in a supported and innovative working environment.

There are industry benefits such as:

  • working in meaningful roles that really make a difference in the community and impact positively on the lives of others
  • a variety of diverse job opportunities, career growth and employment experiences
  • training and development opportunities to develop yourself and your career
  • recognised service across each Council which means your employment entitlements such as long service leave go with you when you change jobs
  • networking and social events.

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Find out more about how you can make Local Government part of your career, visit: Local Councils SA