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Council Information and Briefing Sessions

Open and transparent Council and Committee meetings underpin representative democracy and ensure public confidence in the Council’s decision-making processes.

Council Information and Briefing Sessions provide a valuable opportunity to enhance Council decision-making processes by providing opportunities for Elected Members to become better informed and seek clarification on issues.

Information and Briefing Sessions are normally held in the Council Chamber at the Norwood Town Hall, 175 The Parade, Norwood (George Street entrance).

Purpose of Information and Briefing Sessions

Information and Briefing Sessions are used solely for the purpose of information sharing and not for the purpose of obtaining, or effectively obtaining, a decision on a matter outside a formally constituted meeting of the Council or a Council Committee.

Information and Briefing Sessions are held to:

  • discuss issues involving strategy and policy; or
  • discuss a planning session of a general or strategic nature; or
  • brief Elected Members on issues relating to their decision-making function.

An Information or Briefing Session which involves discussion of a matter that is not, or is not intended to be, part of the agenda for a formal meeting of the Council or Council Committee, is not a designated Information or Briefing Session.

Public attendance

A session may be closed to the public to allow attendees to receive, discuss or consider information or a matter listed in Section 90(3) of the Local Government Act, subject to an order being made to that effect. If an order is made to close a session under a confidential provision than that order can be made by either Council or the CEO.

Please note, if all topics for discussion are of a confidential nature, the Information and Briefing Session will not be open to public viewing. If one or more of the topics are confidential, they will be considered at the end of the agenda allowing the public to leave before the discussion.

Information and Briefing Sessions

Time and date Matter discussed Location Open to the public

9 October 2023


Draft Volunteer Strategy

Mayor’s Parlour  Yes

25 September 2023


Greater Adelaide Regional Plan Discussion Paper Mayor’s Parlour   Yes

20 September 2023


Private Code Amendment – Kensington and Portrush Road Norwood Community Facilities Code Amendment

Mayor’s Parlour   Yes

20 September 2023


Glynde & Stepney Food & Beverage Manufacturing Precincts Mayor’s Parlour   Yes

11 September 2023


Open Space, Playgrounds & Recreation Strategy

Mayor’s Parlour    Yes 

31 July  2023


Draft Arts & Culture Plan 2024 - 2027

Mayor’s Parlour   Yes 

11 April 2023


Arts & Culture Plan 2024 - 2027

Mayor’s Parlour   Yes 

22 March 2023


City Projects & Asset Management Plans

Mayor’s Parlour   Yes 

14 March 2023


2023-2024 Draft Budget Mayor’s Parlour  Yes 

7 February 2023


Access & Inclusion Strategy  Mayor’s Parlour  Yes 


Lisa Mara
General Manager, Governance & Civic Affairs
T: 08 8366 4549