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Smart City Framework

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters will use high‑value smart technology and innovation to enhance the sustainability, vibrancy and liveability of the City.

To help realise our smart city vision the Smart City Plan is guided by the following five core principles.

These principles will shape smart city thinking and action, ensure community focus, and allow us to adapt to new opportunities.

Innovation Server and Access Staff

The Council welcomes innovation.

We will:

  • encourage new ideas and ways of doing things in our City
  • experiment, test and trial new technologies and services
  • build innovation capacity and confidence
  • use innovation to ensure our City makes the most of new technologies, creating jobs and opportunities into the future.

SustainabilityNorwood Council - Syd Jones - August 2020-14

The Council is committed to sustainability.

We will:

  • mitigate and adapt to climate change
  • conserve and protect our environment
  • improve the management of our natural resources
  • empower our community to advance sustainability
  • deploy new technology, data and innovation to create a more sustainable and resilient City.

Education and TrainingSmart City VR   pexels vanessa loring 7869238

The City will focus on smart city education and training.

We will:

  • increase the smart city capability and capacity of our citizens
  • empower our community to take part in smart initiatives
  • unlock community potential through co-design of services
  • use education and training to enable our citizens to play a key role in the development of our Smart City.

CollaborationSmart City Collaboration - IStock 1078228880

The Council embraces collaboration.

We will:

  • place our citizens at the centre of smart planning and development
  • foster a culture of inclusivity and participation
  • encourage all local stakeholders to participate in our smart city journey
  • use collaboration, inclusivity and participation to ensure our smart city development remains aligned with local priorities in our City.

Security and TransparencySmart City Kiosk - IStock 908210400

The Council is committed to privacy and security.

We will:

  • use best practice to manage the risks inherent with smart technology and data collection
  • use robust frameworks to ensure that only high-value data is collected by smart technology
  • foster open and transparent conversation with our community
  • use security and transparency to help our City to remain a safe and welcoming place.