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Abandoned Vehicles

The Council can help determine whether a vehicle is abandoned and will try to contact the owner of the vehicle.

Often, vehicles left for long periods are not abandoned. Please try to make sure the vehicle is abandoned before contacting the council.

Before reporting a vehicle as abandoned

Make sure you know what to look for before reporting an abandoned vehicle:

  • the vehicle has remained in the same place for an extended period of time (at least 14 days)
  • the owner of the vehicle is unknown (including by other residents of the street/area)
  • the vehicle may be partially stripped, missing parts or damaged
  • the vehicle may be unregistered (visit: to confirm a vehicles registration)
  • the vehicle may be missing number plates.

If you believe a vehicle may be abandoned, you can contact the council

Before contacting the Council, please have the below information ready:

  • vehicle type (e.g. sedan, coupe, trailer)
  • vehicle make and model (if known)
  • location of vehicle
  • vehicle registration number
  • colour of vehicle
  • approximate length of time the vehicle has been abandoned.

Report an abandoned vehicle

Alternatively, to make a report, contact the Council on 08 8366 4555 or