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Sustainable Transport

There are many opportunities in vibrant, urban areas such as our City, to reduce dependence on motor travel and embrace other forms of sustainable transport.

The transpoBeulah Road Cycling and Carsrt sector is one of the most significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, as emissions from transport are increasing at a faster rate than any other energy-use sector. 

Sustainable transport refers to any means of transport which has a low impact on the environment, such as walking, cycling, public transport, or electric vehicles powered by renewables. 

Sustainable transport objectives include:

  • reduction in harmful air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
  • reduced demand for fossil fuels
  • safer and more attractive streets and living environments
  • healthier living through more active lifestyles.Quick links

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations

There are six publicly accessible electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, provided by JOLT and Evie, in operation across the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters.

EV charging station locations:

  • Webbe Street Car Park
  • Osmond Terrace, Norwood on-street parking
  • Linde-Dunstone Grove Reserve Carpark
  • Borthwick Reserve, Portrush / Payneham Road
  • Payneham Community Centre, Payneham Road
  • Glynde Corner Car Park

For more information, visit: Getting Here & Around

EV charging stations image gallery:

Cycling and walking

Our City has many on-road bike lanes and off-road paths for people riding a bicycle or walking  for travel or recreation.

To find out about cycling routes and trip planners, free and e-bikes, visit: Cycling

Public transport - Adelaide Metro

Get up to date information about buses, trains and trams in the Adelaide metropolitan area.

Visit: Adelaide Metro

The Council has joined South Australia's Electric Vehicle Fleet Pledge to drive the transformation to zero emissions transport. For more information, visit: EV Fleet Pledge 

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