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Bin Collection Service

Your Council in association with East Waste provides a weekly bin collection service.

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters provides a recycling and waste collection service that residents can rely on and be assured that, by recycling, they are helping to make a difference.

Kerbside waste collection

Household general waste to landfill bin (red lid) is collected on a weekly basis.
Recycling (yellow lid) and food and garden waste (green lid) is collected on a fortnightly basis (on alternate weeks).

Download the latest Bin Collection Map.

2024 Bin Calendar and Map

Did you know...

  • 43.4% of waste found in the waste/landfill bin (red lid) could be composted or recycled
  • $423,000 could be saved every year if all food and compostable materials were placed in the green organics bin (green lid) instead of the waste/landfill bin (red lid).

My Local Service app - online bin calendar, reminders and more

Get kerbside collection calendar, bin reminders, waste reduction and recycling tips on the free My Local Services app. Download for from: Apple App Store or Google Play

Report a missed bin collection

To report a missed bin collection, visit:

Missed Bin Report

Bins provided by the Council

Three bin system

The Council provides all households with the following three bins and a kitchen organics basket:

  • general waste to landfill bin (red lid)
  • co-mingled recycling for reuse bin (yellow lid)
  • food and garden organics bin (green lid).

Bin collection infographic

These bins are provided to assist you to correctly separate recyclable and organic material from general waste that goes to landfill.


Do not overfill your bin as overfilling your bin makes pick-up difficult and can cause litter to spill onto the street and may not be emptied.

The maximum weight the truck arm can lift (the lifting capacity of the truck) is 60kg. If a bin weighs more than 60kg when filled, the bin may not be emptied.

Kitchen organics basket

The Council provides residential properties with a free kitchen caddy and annual supply of compostable bags to make it easy to compost food waste through the green bin.

If you are a new resident and your house does not have a kitchen organics basket, you can collect one at the Norwood Town Hall or any of our three libraries.

Please note: The kitchen organics basket is to remain at your property. If you move house, leave the basket and bags at the property for the next occupant to use.

For more information, visit: 

Kitchen Organics

Information for commercial, community and not-for-profit properties

Waste and recycling services for businesses

The Council provides a kerbside bin collection service to commercial, community and not-for-profit premises that generate small volumes of waste and recycling, similar to that generated by a residential premises.

While it is not the Council’s responsibility to collect waste from commercial, community and not-for-profit premises, the three bin system is provided to encourage correct sorting of recyclables and organics.

Divert food scraps from landfill

Food scraps from small-scale commercial properties can be combined with garden organics and placed in the organics bin (green lid).

To help you manage kitchen waste, a commercial, community and not-for-profit organisation may choose to purchase a kitchen caddy and or compostable liners (certified compostable to Australian Standard 4736-2006). Please AVOID biodegradable and degradable bags as these are made from plastic and cannot be placed in the organics bin (green lid).


To avoid food waste sticking to the bottom of the organics bin (green lid), alternate layers of lawn clippings, leaves, shredded paper and newspaper between the food scraps to reduce odours and moisture. For more bin tips, visit: East Waste

What goes in each bin

Which bin?

Green organics bin (green lid)

Recycling bin (yellow lid)

General waste/landfill (red lid)

  • fruit and vegetable scraps
  • seafood, meat and bones
  • tea bags and coffee grounds
  • egg and oyster shells
  • all dairy products
  • paper towel and tissues
  • shredded paper
  • pet waste
  • lawn clippings and weeds
  • flowers and garden clippings
  • soiled pizza boxes
  • paper and cardboard
  • rigid plastic bottles and containers
  • juice and milk cartons
  • tins and cans
  • aluminium cans
  • aluminium trays and foils
  • aerosols (empty)
  • liquid paper board cartons
  • glass bottles and containers
  • soft plastics*
  • polystyrene foam
  • old clothing and rags
  • single use nappies
  • broken crockery and glassware
  • ropes and hoses

*Please note: RedCycle and Foodland soft plastic recycling programs have been temporarily suspended. For information about the suspension of the RedCycle program, visit: East Waste

Online Waste & Recycling Guide

Search or browse the Waste & Recycling Guide to find out how to dispose of a range of everyday waste and recyclable items.

Waste & Recycling Guide

Or call Which Bin Hotline: 1300 137 118

Online Waste and Recycling Guide

Search or browse our Waste and Recycling Guide to find out how to dispose of a range of everyday waste and recyclable items.  

Waste & Recycling Guide

Or call Which Bin Hotline: 1300 137 118


For more information about any of the above services, call East Waste on 8347 5111 or visit: East Waste

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