Kitchen Organics Service

The kitchen organics service makes composting food easy.

This offer is only available to residential properties that do not have a kitchen organics caddy.

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Kitchen organics basketEach household in the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is entitled to one free kitchen organics caddy.

The caddy can be used to store food waste before it is emptied into the green bin to be collected with garden waste. This stops food waste being sent to landfill and is recycled into compost.


How do I get a kitchen organics caddy

Kitchen caddies are only available to residential properties that do not already have a kitchen organics caddy.

Kitchen caddies come with an annual supply of compostable bags (BioBags). If you are requesting a caddy, please do not make a seperate request for a BioBag delivery.

Please note: Due to COVID-19 conditions we have temporarily suspended the option of collecting a kitchen caddy from us in person. During this time we will be providing a free delivery service.

Delivery takes place once per month.

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Which bags can I use in my caddy

Free delivery of annual supply of BioBags during COVID-19 conditions

We have temporarily suspended the collection of BioBags due to COVID-19 conditions.

To ensure you can continue composting your food waste through the kitchen caddy system, we are offering a free delivery service to residents who haven’t yet collected their annual allocation of BioBags.

PLEASE NOTE: This offer is only available to residential properties that have not collected their annual supply of compostable liners (150 bags per financial year).

Delivery takes place once a week.

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Each household is entitled to an annual supply of compostable bags to go in their caddy.

The liners used in the caddy must be 100% compostable, please only use certified Australian Standard AS473 compostable liners.

Please note: the kitchen organics caddy is to remain at your property. If you move house, leave the basket and bags at the property for the next occupant to use. Caddys are dishwasher safe.


For more information, contact: Norwood Town Hall Customer Service