Kitchen Organics Service

Kitchen organics baskets and compostable bags make recycling food waste easy!

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Redeemable on 30L & 50L bags of Jeffries compost, soil and mulch.

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The Council's kitchen organics service is a significant waste reduction initiative to encourage and support the recycling of household food waste.

The Council supplies every house with a ventilated kitchen organics basket and also provides an annual supply of compostable bags.

If you are a new resident and your house does not have a kitchen organics basket, please contact our Customer Service Team

Please note: The kitchen organics basket is to remain at your property. If you move house, leave the basket and bags at the property for the next occupant to use.


Kitchen organics basket – how it works

The kitchen organics basket allows you to store food waste separately from other household waste, and then easily deposit it into your green organics bin, along with your garden waste.

Please ensure that any liners you use in the basket are marked as conforming with Australian Standard AS4736 and are therefore 100% compostable.

At a glance:

  • food waste can also be wrapped in newspaper or can be placed directly into the green organics bin
  • compostable liners have a limited shelf life, as they are designed to break down
  • plastic bags (even if they are labelled biodegradable) must not be used in the basket as they are not compostable
  • basket is dishwasher safe.

Free liner bags – how to collect

Each year, generally in July, each household will receive a voucher that can be used to collect the compostable bags. Each household is entitled to 2 rolls of 75 bags, which equates to about a year’s supply, free of charge. These bags are made from vegetable products and are suitable for use in the kitchen organics collection service.

To collect your free rolls of compostable liner bags, bring the voucher in person to one of our Libraries or the Norwood Town Hall

Please do not post, email or fax the voucher to the Council as we do not deliver.

Additional liner bags – how to purchase

Additional rolls can be purchased for $4.50 per roll of 75 liners from our Libraries or the Norwood Town Hall

If you purchase rolls elsewhere, please ensure they are marked as conforming with Australian Standard AS4736 and are therefore 100% compostable.

Download a brochure

The Kitchen Organics Service brochure, available in five languages, will get you started and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Kitchen Organics - English

Download: English version

Kitchen Organics - Greek

Download - Greek version

Kitchen Organics - Hindi

Download - Hindi version

Kitchen Organics - Italian

Download - Italian version

Kitchen Organics - Chinese

Download - Chinese version



More information

For information about how to correctly dispose of a range of common household waste and recyclable items, visit: Recycling Guide