Hazardous Waste

Residents have a range of options for dealing with hazardous waste.

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Motor and cooking oil

Bring oil in a clean, plastic container with a lid. The original container is perfect.

Drop-off venue What you can drop-off Location & times
Council Works Depot

Motor oil, coolant and oil filters.

30 Davis Road, Glynde
Monday to Friday: 7.30am - 3.30pm

Campbelltown Council, Newton Transfer Station Motor oil and cooking oil. Virginia Road, Newton
Monday to Friday: 8am – 5pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8am – 4pm
Adelaide Statewide Tallow Cooking oil

87-89 Wing Street, Wingfield

T: 0419 854 656

Telephone to check times


Batteries (car, mobile, laptop, motorcycle and other rechargeable) Batteries (household, single use)

Preferred method

Participating stores or service stations will accept these types of batteries. To locate a battery recycling centre, visit: Century Yuasa - Recycling Centres Map


Batteries cannot be recycled through kerbside Recycling Bin (yellow lid).

Batteries and light globes contain valuable materials like aluminium nickel, steel, zinc and mercury, all of which can be recovered and reused.



Preferred method

Drop off at the Council Depot at 30 Davis Rd, Glynde, Norwood Town Hall or at either of the three Council libraries



Alternative 1

Drop off rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries (AA, AAA, C, D and 9V sized) at ALDI stores, Ikea stores or Electronics Recycling Australia.

Paint, varnish, sealants and adhesives

Paint is only hazardous when it is wet. Harden paint by leaving the lid off or adding a paint hardener purchased at a hardware store.

You can dispose of paint, varnish, sealants and adhesives which have solidified in your normal household rubbish.  

Tap the hardened contents out of the tin and place in your general waste (red lid) bin. The clean, dry empty steel tin can be placed in your recycling (yellow lid) bin.

Visit: Recycle Right Search Engine or call 1300 137 118.

Light globes


Recycle at Ikea, Mitre 10, Banner Hardware or True Value Hardware stores.



Commercial quantities of used light globes can be recycled through FluoroCycle. For a list of recyclers near you, visit: FluoroCycle


All chemists will take unwanted medications to dispose of responsibly.

Household hazardous waste - Green Industries drop-off days

Green Industries runs free drop-off days for household hazardous waste. These events are open to you, regardless of the Council area in which you live.

Green Industries
Corner of Magazine Road and Henschke Street
Dry Creek

9am to 12pm on the first Tuesday of every month (including public holidays).

For information on the next drop-off day, visit: Green Industries - Drop-off Days Timetable