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Litter and Illegal Dumping

Litter and illegally dumped waste can pollute our environment and negatively impact the use, enjoyment and value of public places.

Littering and illegal dumping on Council land, or in waterways, is illegal.

Litter and illegally dumped waste is also expensive for Council and the community to clean up.

People found littering or illegally dumping can be:

  • issued with a fine (expiation notice)
  • taken to court and fined.

Fines and penalties are issued in accordance with the Nuisance Litter and Control Act 2016

What is litter

Litter refers to items of rubbish disposed of by a person, onto land or in waterways by a pedestrian, from a vehicle, or from a premises.

Litter includes:

  • food wrappers
  • beverage containers
  • cigarette butts
  • food scraps
  • chewing gum.

What is illegal dumping

Illegal dumping refers to larger items of waste such as household or commercial materials disposed of without permission on land and in waterways.

Dumped waste includes:

  • household waste
  • furniture and mattresses
  • green waste
  • building materials.

Report litter or illegal dumping

Please report to Council if you see someone littering or dumping waste on:

  • nature strips
  • parks and reserves
  • local roads
  • waterways.

If it is safe to do so, please get the following information:

  • where the dumping occurred
  • what material was dumped
  • a description of the person
  • vehicle registration number and description
  • take photos

The more information you provide to the Council, the easier it will be for the Council to follow up on the matter. 

How to report

To report littering or illegal dumping, download and complete: Citizen's Notification Form: Littering and Illegal Dumping


Dispose of waste responsibly

Council waste and recycling services

The Council offers many waste management services, including weekly and fortnightly bin collection and two free hard waste collections per household per year for items such as furniture, household items and e-waste. 

For the full list of Council waste disposal and recycling services available to residents, visit: Waste and Recycling

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Abandoned shopping trolleys

When you use a shopping trolley, it is your responsibility to return it to the bays provided or to the store. 

Trolleys should not be taken from shopping centres.

Abandoned trolleys make our streets and parks look unsightly and are a hazard to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

Coles, Kmart, Target, Bunnings Warehouse & Officeworks

Phone: 1800 876 553

Report an abandoned trolley

Woolworths, Big W, Target, Masters & Dan Murphy’s

Phone: 1800 641 497

Report an abandoned trolley


Report an abandoned trolley

If the trolley belongs to a business not listed above, please contact the business directly to notify them of the trolley and location.

Abandoned e-bike or e-scooter


Neuron Mobility is a dockless electric bike (e-bike) share scheme operating in the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters (and City of Adelaide).

If you see a damaged or illegally parked Neuron Mobility e-bike, please contact:

Neuron Customer Support Line: 08 7444 4676
Visit: Ride Neuron


Our City is trialing shared e-scooters for people to ride. The trial enables providers Neuron and Beam to operate up to 200 e-scooters across the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters.

If you see a damaged or illegally parked Beam or Neuron e-scooter, please contact:

Beam Customer Support Line (purple)
T: 08 7079 0518
Visit: Beam


Neuron Customer Support Line (orange)
T: 08 7444 4676
Visit: Ride Neuron


Town Hall Customer Service team
T: 08 8366 4555